Marvel Comics Legacy Spoilers & Review: Cable #150 & Newer New Mutants Externals Question: What Can Kill An Immortal?

Marvel Comics Legacy Spoilers and Review for Cable #150 follows.

Marvel explains how they got the Legacy number of #150 for Cable.

Cable #150 has at least four covers three of which are variant covers.

Then we have the credits and catch-up page.

The action begins with the free teaser pages Marvel released in advance of Cable #150 hitting the stands; Cable and Longshot are investigating the murder of an immortal External named Candra. Cable intimidates the Doctor into…

…giving him and Longshot time with the body.

Now onto the meat of the issue. Candra’s heart has been taken and Cable wants Longshot to use his powers to find out what Candra’s boyd can tell them about who killed her and how she died.

She put up a fight, but in the end someone used a knife or sword to take her heart.

Cable wants to go to Selene next, who he says is the last of the Externals because she killed every other External years ago. Externals have a telepathic connection so Cable hopes Selene can shed by more light on Candra’s killer.

He need a team to work with them on this mission. He first recruits street racer the Green Scorpio aka…

…Doop. Shatterstar is next on the list.

This is a complete sausage party as none of the female members of the newer New Mutants debut in this issue. So, not debut of that outrageous sexpot costume for Blink… yet.

This all-male team look for Selene, but are subdued by…

…their prey.

Cable explains everything to Selene, including the bit how she is the last External, to which she…

…she presents more Externals and noting they are immortal, but…

…that Cable and his team are not.


Artist Jon Malin seems to gravitate towards Rob Lifeld properities having working on an earlier iteration of Liefeld’s Youngblood for Marvel and now Cable. His work on Thunderbolts with Winter Soldier was also my my pull list. Malin’s stylized and gritty art may not be for everyone, but he seems to pick the right books for his stylized art; Cable benefits from gritty style.

Storywise, writer Ed Brisson is a decent writer, but I was surprised this was a sausage party of an issue with no female New Mutants debuting yet and Doop as the street racer Green Scorprion seemed hokey. However, it was nice to Shatterstar again and the issue was accessible for newer readers or lapsed readers like me (I haven’t read Cable regularly since writer James Robinson’s pre Legacy run and before that regularly in the early 1990s).

Overall, a 7 out of 10.

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