DC Comics Rebirth & Trinity #14 Spoilers: Circe’s Plan Revealed In New Trinity War With Superman / Batman / Wonder Woman, Constantine / Zatanna / Deadman & Red Hood / Bizarro / Artemis!

DC Comics Rebirth and Trinity #14 Spoilers follow.

Trinity #14 opens with the history of Wonder Woman villain Circe…

…and her duplicitous nature.

We then pivot to modern day where Circe and her villanous duo pairing with Batman villain Ra’s Al Ghul (foromerly a trinity in earlier months with Superman nemesis Lex Luthor) have used dark magic to have three trinities war against each other and themselves; Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman along with Red Hood and the Outlaws (with Bizarro and Artemis) plus a mystical trinity of Deadman, Zatanna and John Constantine.

Batman escapes with a subdued Red Hood headed to the Batcave in seach of a cure for his dark magic ailment.

Elsewhere, Circe has an injured John Constantine and Zatanna in a trance in her clutches.

Constantine uncovers her plan; she needs the trinities to feul her efforts to stay alive.

She confirms the purest trinity of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman would do the best in fully opening her magical portal.

She then sends Zatanna through the portal and she becomes a demon and dark magic possessed too!

At the Batcave, Batman believes he has found a cure, but before he injects Red Hood he needs to subdue a possessed Bizarro.

Finally, Circe’s ally Ra’s Al Ghul enters picture, catches on to her scheme, and in a bookend to the opening of the book and Circe’s past, is betrayed by her and tossed into the portal.

He too will likely be possessed! Now, Circe’s team went from trinity to duo to solo…

…with an even bigger sacrifical offerring in the offing next month!

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