Impact Wrestling 10/19/17 Recap

Lashley, Dan Lambert and the rest of ATT come in before a quick recap of Johnny Impact beating Garza Jr. is shown. Chris Adonis comes down to face Johnny Impact. Johnny eats a backdro and a bearhug. The Adonis lock is on, but Johnny jumps over the top rope to break it. Johnny recovers by punching away and then hitting a corner kick and the Moonlight Drive. Adonis goes for a superplex, but gets fought off and the five second flip dive hits and wins. Countdown to Impact remains the dumbest move on TV now. Eli comes down and gets beaten up and stripped, before Adonis beats up Impact.

We get a clip of TNA on Pluto TV before a five way match from AAA’s Ring and Rock Stars is shown with EC3, Storm, Fantasma, Texano, and Eddie Edwards. Texano pins EC3 and then we go to OVE in Tijuana. Backstage, the TNA guys from the five way argue and talk about getting on the same page to beat Team AAA. In a segment with Storm and EC3, Eddie Edwards got the most promo time. Trevor Lee, Caleb Konley, and Andrew Everett come down so Everett can face Dezmond Xavier. Dezmond impresses in a short match and wins with a double-flipping Pele kick.

Lee is shown spreading the gospel of Lee with the new Impact X Division title before OVE insults Mexico. The Grado and Joseph Park angle is recapped and Josh knocks Grado for trusting a shoddy wrestling promoter. Boy is this ever the company to make that statement. Grado tells Joseph to get his thieving ass out here. Park admits to stealing from him – but without the visa, he wouldn’t be here. I somehow doubt “GRADO – US VISA” would hold up as a legal document. Park produces a document saying it’s for a match at BFG between them and if Grado wins, he gets his visa, but if he loses, he’s gone. Grado says it’s on and he’ll kick his ass. Park tells him to learn from his past – because he won’t be facing Joseph Park in a regular match – he’ll face Abyss in a monster’s ball.

The Lashley-ATT stuff is recapped and Grado leaves in his car, but his radio plays Abyss’s theme. FATHER JAMES MITCHELL RETURNS in his backseat and says that he’ll be with Abyss at BFG and doomsday will be upon him. OVE faces Black Danger and Black Diamond in The Crash. Diamond hits a Lethal Injection, but OVE wins with a double stomp tombstone. ATT and Dan Lambert run JB out of the ring  He shows off his WWWF Title belt and the Road Warriors’ GCW Tag titles. He shows Flair’s first title, the Mid-Atlantic tag title that he won with Rip Hawk. He cuts a promo on Jeff Jarrett and his family being in wrestling for 50 years and how Lawler beat Curt Hennig for the AWA Title. He shows off the AWA Title and says he’s the biggest pro wrestling fan in the world. He says that he loves wrestling, but he needs his team to destroy wrestling and expose it as a bottom-feeding industry in combat sports.

He issues a challenge for Stephan Bonnar and Moose at BFG to fight Bobby Lashley and King Mo . He says it’s a fight that pro wrestling can’t win and it won’t be competitive – but it will be the end of Impact Wrestling. Moose and Bonnar come down and eat a beating from ATT. Lambert is a complete asshole and it’s great – he tells the fans to boo them for beating up their heroes. Geeks come down and get beaten up by the group. ATT poses over Moose’s prone body and Dan Lambert is just the man.

OVE says that they won, so now they can talk to Konnan. LAX brawls with them and Konnan gives them the belts so they can get them back at BFG. Global Forged and we get a recap of the Taya-Rosemary feud. We get a pretty basic walk and brawl for a while before Taya gets 2. Rosemary hits a high kick, but Taya hits a series of round kicks that send her down – but Rosemary does her demon rise. Taya hits the northern lights into the double stomp to win it. Rosemary mists her and challenges her for a match at BFG.  Well, the ATT stuff was definitely the best part of the show.

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