Rasslin’ Roundtable for WWE TLC 2017

Tonight is WWE TLC 2017, a Raw brand PPV. Here is the Pulse Wrestling crew’s full match by match preview with predictions!

The Shield & Kurt Angle vs. Braun Strowman, The Miz, Kane, Cesaro & Sheamus (Tables, Ladders & Chairs 5-on-3 Handicap Match)

JT – the addition of Kurt Angle to this match is huge, and it will be great to see the Olympic hero back in the ring. Probably won’t change the result, but I’d rather see Angle than Reigns any day.
Winners; The Shield 3.1

Michael McMonigle – When this was initially set up, I would have thought this would have been The Shield beating all the odds. Now that Roman Reigns has been replaced with Kurt Angle, the storyline leading up to this match makes little sense. Sure, you can shoehorn Angle into the match without too much suspension of disbelief, but I think it changes the result as well. Now, I think Vince teaches a little lesson to Angle and has Braun Strowman pin our Olympic hero. Plus, he gets to save the big Shield reunion match for another time.
Winners: Team Miz

Penny; NO WAY IN HELL are they wasting this early surprise Kurt in-ring return on a loss.
Winners: Kurt and the Agents of SHIELD.

Matthew Harrak – I hate the fact that Angle’s first WWE match in 11 years is a multi-man throwaway with no build but I understand why they added him. That being said, I wouldn’t be surprised if he, Ambrose and Rollins took the “L” with the idea of building up Roman Reigns’ return and the real Shield reunion match down the road.
Winners: Braun Strowman, The Miz, Kane, Cesaro & Sheamus

Raw Women’s Championship
Alexa Bliss vs. Mickie James

JT: Mickie James has been having a good run since her return to the WWE, while Alexa Bliss have shown that size doesn’t matter unless you’re a dude. Either way, this is a match to see who gets the crap kicked out of her by Asuka in a month or so, which has to be a fun thing to look forward to.
Winner: Alexa Bliss

Michael – I like Bliss. But I like Mickie James more. Maybe they make the switch here, since James had such a good match with Asuka a few months back.
Winner: Mickie James (new champion)

Penny; I’d love to see Mickie win here for a nostalgia reign, but I’d be highly surprised if Vince felt the same.
Winner; I will Bliss-fully tune out.

Matthew Harrak – While I like Mickie, there’s no reason to go with her as the champion this late in her career. Especially when Bliss is one of the best talkers NXT has produced in years.
Winner: Alexa Bliss

The Demon vs. AJ Styles

JT – Balor vs Styles has the potential to be the match of the night, and will be infinitely better than anything involving Bray Wyatt.
Winner; The Demon

Michael – Well, this is a surprise. It turns out that Sister Abigail is actually AJ Styles! With Wyatt is in a bubble for a while we get Smackdown wrestler AJ Styles to fill in. Um… I thought Samoa Joe was ready to return. Wouldn’t this be a perfect spot for him? Or a Broken Matt Hardy? Hell, even Goldust could’ve pulled off this position. Don’t get me wrong, I want to see Styles versus Balor as much as the next person, but I want to have it be a BIG match with a ton of buildup. Not a throwaway replacement match on a sub-par PPV. Disappointing.
Winner: Finn Balor

Penny; OH THANK GODDESS we’re being spared Bray in bad drag and getting a Bullet Club Beatdown baby! This last minute change having AJ fill in for Bray is making me actually excited for a WWE B grade PPV for the first time in years!
Winner; Who cares? It’s enough to even GET this match at all!

Matthew Harrak – Finn Balor vs AJ Styles – What could easily be the Match of the Year, Styles and Balor should tear the house down. Can’t wait for this match.
Winner: Finn Balor

WWE Cruiserweight Champion
Kalisto vs. Enzo Amore

JT: After Neville quit the company to avoid the indignity of jobbing to Enzo for the next year, Kalisto has stepped into his place as the King of the Cruiserweights. Based on Enzo’s lack of in-ring skiills (let’s face it, he’s a talker, not a wrestler) I’m not expecting much from this match. Prove me wrong, Amore!
Winner: Kalisto

Michael – I do not care about either of these fools. I’ll be rooting for Kalisto because Enzo annoys me, but I’ll be rooting for the non-winner.
Winner: Enzo Amore (new champion)

Penny; F*ck this match, f*ck Enzo, f*ck Vince intentionally sabotaging the CW division through shitty booking. Enzo will win through shenanigans when he should be collecting unemployment.
Winner; Not the audience that’s for damn sure.

Matthew Harrak – This isn’t going to be a popular idea but I’m going with Enzo. He rubs some (or everyone) the wrong way but he’s working out well as a heel in the Division and I think the babyfaces chasing him may be the most interesting story they can come up with right now.
Winner: Enzo Amore

Asuka vs. Emma

JT: Oh, Emma. Whose bag did you shit in? Faced with more aborted pushes than almost any other female wrestler, the plucky Australian has drawn the short straw and faces Asuka, who will kick her face off. Poor Emma.
Winner: Asuka

Michael – Poor Emma. I was really hoping they were going to give her something interesting to do. Instead, she gets to be fodder for Asuka. Asuka will look amazing and Emma will play her role and the world will realize this division is now Asuka and everyone else.
Winner: Asuka

Penny; Yeah does this even need a blurb?

Matthew Harrak – Asuka is back and finally on the main stage. If they do it right, Asuka dominates.
Winner: Asuka

Cedric Alexander & Rich Swann vs. Gentleman Jack Gallagher & The Brian Kendrick

JT: Hey, it’s the wrestlers that almost nobody cares about! I actually really like Gentleman Jack Gallagher, and this should be a fun match from a high-flying perspective, but the rivalry doesn’t really have much heat and unfortunately in the WWE the cruiserweights will always play second banana to the big guys.
Winners: Alexander & Swann

Michael – I am not sure how this got on the card, but if it means giving Cedric Alexander some spotlight, I am all for it. Let’s say the WWE wants to get the crowd going early, so we’ll pick the faces here.
Winner: Cedric Alexander and Rich Swann

Penny; I am deeply irked by Gallagher’s inexplicable heel turn. Match will be fun but otherwise doesn’t really matter.
Winner; the faces to pop the crowd I guess.

Matthew Harrak – Cedric Alexander & Rich Swann vs. Gentleman Jack Gallagher & The Brian Kendrick – So I guess Gallagher turned heel at some point and that’s why he’s been dressing as William Regal? Either way, it’s nice to see the Cruiserweights getting time and character development on a big show. Hopefully, they get enough time to pull off something special.
Winners: Gentleman Jack Gallagher & The Brian Kendrick

Sasha Banks vs. Alicia Fox (Kickoff Match)

JT: Sasha Banks is an exceptionally talented wrestler who hasn’t really connected since moving up to the main roster, whereas Alicia Fox has a great look and not a lot else. Hopefully Banks can carry Fox to a decent match, but I can’t see her lack of push changing…
Winner: Alicia Fox

Michael – No one cares about Alicia Fox.
Winner: Sasha Banks

Penny; Sasha wins in a pointless throway match with a woman Vince will never push anyway so there’s zero suspense here.
Winner; The boss of curtain jerking.

Matthew Harrak – Sasha Banks vs. Alicia Fox (Kickoff Match) – This feels like a match just to be a match, on a show full of nothing matches. Here’s hoping they can capitalize on these and surprise everyone with a great match.
Winner: Sasha Banks

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