Inside Pulse WWE TLC 2017 Scorecard

How did this WWE PPV rate?

Matthew Schuerman

An absolute abomination of a ppv. Nothing, aside from balor v styles was literally any good. The main event was boring, and asuka should have wiped the mat with the hot Aussie.
Rating: 3.0

Sam Keola

A poorly booked show focused on the now altered main event that was meant to get Roman over. Sans Reigns in the main event and replaced with Angle, it still left a lot of things in the air like Strowman’s face turn. Was that one? Will it happen? What’s going on? The show started well with Asuka’s debut and slowly spiraled downhill into a vortex of idiocy. Opportunities were missed or wasted in what appears to be a panic to keep fans occupied. I expected more.
Rating: 3.5

Matt Harrak

Sometimes less is more and I spent most of the main event waiting for a big return or reveal that didn’t happen. Oh well, at least AJ/Balor was able to go off without a hitch.
Rating: 7.0


Holy hell what a difference Viral Meningitis makes. Finn and AJ put on the MOTY for WWE, which the crowd was electric for. The “Fuck You” Too Sweet from them was just the fifth layer of icing on the cake.

Glad to see Asuka’s match wasn’t a squash, but still had the right woman winning.

And they did the absolute best with what they had with the TLC match. Angle was used perfectly and I will watch replays of the Angle Slam through the table to Cesaro for the next week.
Rating: 9.0


A truly wild spectacle of a main event that had several memorable spots and might have permanently injured some of the combatants. AJ vs Finn delivered as well.
Rating: 8.5

Total Ratings: 31.0
Total Reviewers: 5

Inside Pulse Scorecard for WWE TLC 2017: 6.2


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