Image Comics Spoilers & Announcements Follow-Up For Follow Through: Will Image’s 25th Anniversary Have Fortress #1, Brigade #1, Extreme War #1, Image United #4 & Youngblood #79?

Image Comics spoilers and announcements follow-up for follow through.

Image Comics is a hotbed for new concepts, genre benders and more including super-hero fare.

Below are some incomplete projects that I have been eagerly awaiting.


Image United #4 of a 6 issue mini-series begun in 2009. As of 2011, we were advises that Image United #4 was 60% done.

The logistics is a challenge since all Image Comics founders, minus Jim Lee, and current leadership including Robert Kirkman have their hand in this literally; each artist is drawing their own character in the series with Kirkman writing.


Image Founder Whilce Portacio wasn’t able to bring his Wetworks series to Image United as it was sold to Jim Lee’s Wildstorm which is now owned by DC Comics.

So, Portacio create a new character called Fortress who was part of Image United and supposed to spin off into his own series in 2009 or 2010.


Writer-artist Rob Liefeld has been a ligthning rod for fandom due to his unqiue style of art. I have enjoyed his style since I first saw in his pencils in Hawk and Dove series from 1988…

…and then migrated over to Marvel and New Mutants where he created Cable, Deadpool and eventually X-Force.

Say what you will about Liefeld, he is an idea machine.

His Youngblood series was part of the first wave of new series for Image Comics in 1992 and I believe he revived it in 2012 with Youngblood #71 when Image was celebrating its 20th anniversary.

The book stopped in 2013’s Youngblood #78 in Part 2 of Dark Rising. I’d like to see that arc completed.

That seems unlikely since Youngblood relaunched and was rebooted in 2017 under a new writer and artist with Liefeld providing covers. It has been well received by fans and critics and looks to continue. It has also had its first issues collected.


Rob Liefeld has also teased that he building to something called Extreme War with his superhero titles as announced at SDCC 2017 this past summer.

It is likely the current Youngblood series I mentioned earlier and the forthcoming Bloodstrike series will be involved in Extreme War.

It will also include Brigade that Rob Liefeld said at SDCC 2017 will launch stemming from a Kickstarter dating back to 2013 that raised almoist double its goal and at last tally got $35K.

No word if Extreme War will also include Liefeld’s Futurians revival project.


Happy 25th Anniversary Image Comics! Think I can get these under my Christmas tree for next year – 2018 – for your 26th anniversary?

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