DC Comics Rebirth & Action Comics #990 Spoilers: The Oz Effect Part 4 Has Doctor Manhattan, The Watchmen & Doomsday Clock Teases As Superboy Chooses Mr. Oz / Jor-El Or Superman!

DC Comics Rebirth and Action Comics #990 Spoilers follow with The Oz Effect Part 4.

Action Comics #990 opens with Jor-el (Mr. Oz) with his grandson Jon Kent (Superboy) at Superman’s (Clark Kent) Fortress of Solitude.

Jor-el / Mr. Oz is trying to convince Superboy that hiding his powers and having a secret identty is unhealthy. He has found a planet called Bliss that Superboy, Superman and even his mom Lois Lane can live in peace without an duplicity about their true selves.

The reason Mr. Oz is so adamant to save his grandson and family is because the threat of Doctor Manhattan of the Watchmen is coming in…

…the Doomsday Clock 12 issue maxi-series…

…where the end is near.

Anyhow, back to Action Comics #990. Mr. Oz has enabled a cult of humans that believe humanity is evil – as Oz does – and are willing to take drastoc measures to expose this and…

…kill in the name of Oz; they even wear neck tattoos with Oz’s name.

Superman stops the Mr. Oz cultists from gassing Metropolis.

Mr. Oz / Jor-el and Superboy confront Superman and Lois Lane later in Action Comics #990. Superman wants Mr. Oz to free his grandson Superboy, but that’s when Jon says that he went willingly and that he wasn’t kidnapped.

Superboy believes Mr. Oz / Jor-el is here to help; in turn Oz explains that’s been helping Superman and his family for quite some tie in secret from capturing Doomsday and Mr. Mxyzptlk and defeating Metallo. It is also because of the threat of Dr. Manhattan of the Watchmen in Doomsday Clock that…

…Superboy believes is real!

Suerboy has sided with Mr. Oz / Jor-el and wants Superman and Lois Lane to listen to him and leave the Earth or they will die!


An interesting issue with solid story and decent art. 7.5 out of 10.

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