DC Comics Rebirth & Justice League Of America #17 Spoilers: DC Universe Rebirth #1 Atom Ray Palmer Mystery Solved In JLA Panic In The Microverse Finale! Plus More Doomsday Clock, The Watchmen & Doctor Manhattan Teasing?

DC Comics Rebirth and Justice League Of America #17 spoilers follow.

The mystery from DC Universe Rebirth #1 solved!

Here we go!

The Null plans to destroy the Microverse that broke the Iginition Point.

The Null then shrinks the JLA so they don’t interfere with his plans.

Null has a machine that will destroy it all as…

…Ryan Choi Atom demonstrates his heroic chops.

He’s also got an idea to save the microverse and seal the rupture at the Ignition Point, but it could mean his own demise.

Fastforward and the Justice League of America destroys the Nulls device and sealed the rupture.

Then we get the whole classic DC Comics “cosmic hand of creation” scene.

Ray Palmer reunites with his love Preon and can heal her.

Ray Palmer decides to stay in the Microverse and passes the mantle fully and a new Atom costume to Ryan Choi.

We also learn that the microverse may somehow connect the multiverse and that the Ignition Point had similar energy to the Watchmen Comedian’s button; all pointing to Doctor Manhattan and the 12 part Doomsday Clock event maxi-series.

The JLA heads home and Batman jokes that he’s glad Vixen didn’t burn the place down.

We then head to the Ghost Zone that…

…that sets up Prometheus as the JLA’s next foil.

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