DC Comics Rebirth & Wonder Woman #33 Spoilers: Darkseid Daughter Grail On A Gods Killing Spree! Is Diana’s Twin Brother Jason Next?

DC Comics Rebirth and Wonder Woman #33 Spoilers follow.

Wonder Woman #33 is a classic Times Past tale from writer James Robinson who uses this plot device well including in his fan favorite run on Starman.

Darkseid has been reborn as a child after the events of Darkseid War and needs Old Gods power to grow into an adult god. His daughter Grail is his weapon and she has taken out the Greek god Perseus and…

…his god energy is transferred to a New Gods’ Mother Box that…

…Darkseid feeds from.

We also learn that Darkseid plays favorites amongst his children of Grail, Kalibak and Mister Miracle; she’s his least disappointing child.

This sets up the first issue of the arc where Grail took on Greek demigod Hercules.

We then get a recap of Darkseid War ad where Grail to baby Darkseid after it and DC Universe Rebirth #1. He also let her know, in few words, that he hungers for the Old Gods energies.

ARGUS’ Atomic Knights team attacks Grail’s villa and she impressively takes out the soldiers on the ground and air while…

…baby Darkseid proves formidable.

Grail then begins her mission to kill the Old Gods, steal their god energies to feed Darkseid and power him up and age him. She’s after Zeus’ spawn and others. She starts with Reginald Lake…

..then Aegipan, Limos, Palici, Sarah Carrow, Caerus, Derek Grace, Callisto, Ephaphus, Hercules and Perseus. That’s 10 godlings so far killed to feed Darkseid.

Who is next as we catch up to modern day?

Wonder Woman Diana’s twin brother Jason, in Greece, who we met last issue and who…

…adorns the cover of Wonder Woman #34.

An awesome issue.

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