Inside Pulse WWE Monday Night Raw Scorecard for 10.30.2017

How did this week’s episode of WWE Monday Night Raw rate?


Three returns in the same night?! They couldn’t have stretched these out to make them seem more important?
Rating: 4.0

Matthew Harrak

For an episode that was supposed to be leading to one of the biggest PPVs of the year, that was weak. With a weak main event, they’re going to half to do better to spark interest in Survivor Series.
Rating: 4.0


Some really poor backstage skits about the brand war brought the show down, the return of Braun was good and it’s great to see the women main event.
Rating: 5.0

Total Ratings: 13.0
Total Reviewers: 3

Inside Pulse Scorecard for Monday Night Raw: 4.33

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