DC Comics Rebirth & Dark Nights Metal Spoilers & Review: Batman The Devastator #1 & The Death Of Superman?

DC Comics Rebirth and Dark Nights Metal Spoilers and Review for Batman The Devastator #1 follows.

We open Batman The Devastator #1 after Dark Nights Metal #3 and before Dark Nights Metal #4 with Batman and Superman trapped in the Dark Multiverse.

With that, a Bruce Wayne visits Lois Lane at the Daily Planet on Earth 0 the prime Earth of DC Rebirth, but…

…that’s a Dark Multiverse Bruce Wayne who is actually Batman The Devastator; a Batman and Superman villain Doomsday hybrid.

Batman The Devastator’s origin is then told. He was Batman on the Dark Multiverse’s Earth 1. It is a world where Superman killed Lois Lane and that devestated Bruce Wayne.

He then infected himself with the Doomsday virus and made himself Batman The Devastator. This dark Doomsday killed that Superman.

He was then recruited by the Batman Who Laughs, a Dark Multiverse hybrid or amalgam of Batman and the Joker, to joining the Dark Knights and serve Barbatos to make their reality THE reality.

Back to Earth 0 of the DC Rebirth multiverse, Supergirl, Superwoman and the Guardian do battle with Batman the Devastator.

Lois Lane flees back to her apartment and convinces her son Jon Kent, Superboy of the Super Sons, to not aid Supergirl and company as the Devastator is dangerous and infectious? Lois Lane has been poisoned by the Doomsday virus!

We then travel back a small amount of time and realize the giant tuning fork from Superman’s Fortress of Solitude wasn’t destroyed, but was hurled to Challengers Mountain in Gotham City.

The book ends setting up Dark Nights Metal #4 with Superman and Batman trapped in the Dark Multiverse while..

…the Superman Family of heroes and heroines battling Batman the Devastator.

Next week we have the final Dark Knights of the Dark Multiverse, in service to Barbatos, one-shot with…

…The Batman Who Laughs #1.


Solid Scott Snyder story with kinetic art by Tony Daniel. 8 out of 10.

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