DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers: Green Arrow #34 Reveals The Secret History Of Evil For Moira Queen & John Diggle?

DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers for Green Arrow #34 follow.

Oliver Queen is dealing with the revelation that his mother Moira Queen is alive and was a villain for the Ninth Circle that has now turned on her.

We get a few pages of her origin including how she met Robert Queen, Oliver Queen’s dad, and her view that although he founded the Nith Circle he was weak and she had to be the strong one.

That means the armory Oliver Queen was his mom’s not dad’s.

Green Arrow ally John Diggle has the villain archer Merlyn in custody in modern day and is treating his wounds. Merlyn gets the upper-hand on Diggle and the book ends with Merlyn choking Diggle out. However, we also learn of the secret history between Diggle and Merlyn which Oliver likely doesn’t know.

The book ends with Moira Queen and Green Arrow teaming up to find a sunken ship to raid…

…its hold to gain monies to topple the Ninth Circle or incriminating evidence to end them.

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