Marvel Comics Legacy Spoilers: Captain America #695 Has Marvel Lie To Readers About Steve Rogers

Marvel Comics Legacy Spoilers and Captain America #695 spoilers follow.

The book opens with the usual creators credits page as well as summary of the premise for the series. It lies from the get-go by saying an evil Captain America almost destroyed the world and the original Captain America came back to beat him.

In fact the original Captain America is the evil one while the lead for this series is an idealized version of Captain America created from the mind of Kobik the sentient Cosmic Cube.

So, a book focusing on the original Captain America would not have as its lead the character it does, but would be a comic in the vein of the prison procedural TV show Oz with Hydra Hugh Command, the original Captain America, as its lead.

Captain America #695 follows with first page of art which is a one page summary of Steve Rogers and Captain America’s past.

This was an interesting choice since the book ends with a three page summary of Captain America’s past; similar to all other Marvel Legacy books that get a primer for their titular character to end their first Legacy issue.

Anyhow, in modern day, Captain America is visiting a town that celebrating Captain America. It seems some of the residents don’t believe the hype. They’re called…

…Icers who don’t believe the Avengers story that the team found Captain America preserved in solid ice.

A group called Rampart attacks and they’re subdued by Captain America…

…who remains worshipped by the town.

Marvel ends the book by asking you share with them what makes Captain America special to you.

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