The Fantasy Book on Fantasy Feuds (Scurll Rediscovers His Inner Villain and a Surprise)

Hello everyone.

I have decided to continue the Fantasy Feuds idea I ran with last week. I may have gone a bit overboard with the Bullet Club craziness, so we’re just going to take it back a few notches today.

This week we are going to fantasy book a fantasy feud for one of my favorite professional wrestlers on the planet – Marty “The Villain” Scurll. Currently, Scurll is working in Ring of Honor, where he won the ROH TV title on his first night in the company. After several very impressive title defenses (including one against the 3-time former ROH champion Adam Cole), he lost the belt to Kushida.

Very shortly after that, he moved into another phase of his career. He joined the Bullet Club and kicked Adam Cole out of Bullet Club at the behest of Kenny Omega. But for the past several months he has been relegated to the background behind people like the Young Bucks and Cody Rhodes. However, you can’t keep a talent like Scurll down for long and I expect him to shine something spectacular soon.

First, I would have Scurll start to express frustration at not being front and center in the Bullet Club ranks in Ring of Honor. He would talk about how he isn’t even part of the six-man tag team champions. He hasn’t had a title shot in months and he knows he is better than the fools who have been wrestling Cody. The rest of the Bullet Club would try to calm him down, but Cody would condescend to him, telling him to stay in his lane and go get the TV title back.

This would infuriate Scurll, but he would display a slow burn towards Cody. As that occurs, Ring of Honor would sign a familiar face – Austin Aries. Aries would make a show of returning home after his time in WWE. He would immediately challenge Cody for the ROH World title. Cody would back off the challenge, saying that Aries hasn’t shown anything to him. Rhodes would then try to offer Scurll as a replacement opponent so Aries can prove himself worthy of a title shot.

This would set Scurll over the edge and he would explode at Cody. Scurll would lay out a challenge to Cody for the World Title right then. Cody would just walk away as the Young Bucks and Adam Page held Scurll back from jumping him. Aries would not interfere in this confrontation.

The next few weeks would see Aries wrestling a bunch of guys and amassing a pretty impressive record. He would beat Josh Woods, Shane Taylor, Jonathan Gresham, Matt Taven, and Chuck Taylor. Meanwhile, most of Scurll’s screen time would involve him arguing with the Young Bucks and Adam Page about challenging Cody for the World title. Cody, in turn, would continue to belittle Scurll, minimizing his talent, and being a condescending prick.

Eventually, Scurll would come to the ring by himself. He would announce that he has had enough. “The Villain” didn’t need the Bullet Club. Scurll would state that he would do as he wants whenever he wants. And what he wants is to take the Ring of Honor World Title from Cody Rhodes.

Cody would come out, stand on the ramp, and tell Scurll that he had a feeling this was coming. He figured that Scurll would eventually believe his own hype and aim a little too high. He’d say something like “My star is well beyond your reach,” and then Austin Aries would sneak attack Scurll from behind. Cody would continue to talk as Aries would hit Scurll with his own umbrella and lock him in the Last Chancery.

The next week, Cody would come to the ring with the Young Bucks, Adam Page. He would introduce Austin Aries as a man of class, a man of honor, a man of excellence. He would say that Aries is everything Scurll is not – a winner. Aries would come out, shake hands with everyone, and cut a promo on Scurll. He would say that when Cody offered Scurll a chance to wrestle Aries, it was an insult that Scurll wouldn’t jump at the chance to wrestle the best. But his fate was decided already at that point. If he had accepted the match with Aries, Aries would have beaten him badly, sure, but then it would be over. Aries would take his destined spot in the Bullet Club and Scurll could go slink away back to England.

Scurll would then come out holding a piece of paper above his head. He would start out by telling the Young Bucks and Adam Page to stay out of this situation. They know what he can do, and they do not want to be in the way when he comes for Aries. Then he addresses Aries and says, “And you, A Double, you don’t know what I can do, but you will learn. Very soon.” Finally, he would direct his promo to Cody. He would tell Cody that the paper he was holding in his hand was a contract for a shot at that World Title at the next PPV.

Cody would yell and scream, saying that he never signed a contract and besides, Scurll doesn’t deserve a title shot. Scurll would laugh and tell Cody that he is no where near as smart as he thinks he is, and he is definitely a moron when compared to “The Villain.” He would continue by telling Cody that he didn’t need to sign the contract. When Cody agreed to be part of the Bullet Club, he didn’t read the fine print. He might be champion, but the championship belongs to the Bullet Club. And as such, the leader of the Bullet Club can agree to title defenses that Cody has to make.

And when Scurll agreed to come on board and help the Bullet Club, he made sure he had a favor he could call in. A favor from the leader of the Bullet Club. At this point, the Young Bucks and Adam Page would start to back up and move away from Cody a little bit. Cody would start screaming that he is the leader of the Bullet Club so that contract can not possibly be valid.

Suddenly, Kenny Omega would appear on the big screen behind Scurll. Omega would correct and admonish Cody, stating that the Bullet Club is led by Kenny Omega and no one else. He will then explain that Cody has to take the match with Scurll or the belt will wind up being stripped. He also welcomes Aries to the group, but warns everyone to stay away from the title match. Omega will end by telling Cody that he better win, and if he doesn’t, he doesn’t have to return to the Bullet Club.

Cody looks stunned as Scurll laughs. The rest of the Bullet Club will surround Cody and try to pump him up, reassuring him that he can do this, etc.

The match will come at a PPV where Omega is also defending the NJPW United States title. Marty Scurll defeat Cody clean and become the new Ring of Honor World Champion. Cody will effectively be ejected from the Bullet Club and go over to Japan for a while to feud with Omega. Meanwhile, Scurll will be a fighting champion, just like he was with the ROH TV title.

Inevitably, his first big challenge will come from Austin Aries, continuing off the sneak attack previously. The two will have a bunch of insanely good matches, regularly outshining the main event of WWE shows. They may even swap the belt back and forth a couple times. But in the end, Marty Scurll will come away on top, as Aries will put over the next great worldwide superstar.


Everyone have a good week. Fall back this weekend. Laterz…

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