10 Thoughts on … Ring of Honor November 4, 2017 (Dalton Castle, Cody, and War Machine Versus Motor City Machineguns)

Thought Zero – Another hour of Ring of Honor wrestling begins now.

  1. We start everything off with a look back from a few weeks ago when War Machine decided to stop playing nice and begin their campaign of world domination. It turns out the ROH tag team titles will be on the line tonight when the Motor City Machineguns defend against War Machine. Interesting main event. This main event is brought to you by Mark Briscoe’s dislocated elbow. (Briscoe was supposed to take on Kenny King for the World TV title today.)
  2. Our first match is a triple threat tag team match between Coast to Coast, The Kingdom, and The Dawgs. We start off with a bunch of flips and dives and stuff. Not surprising with Coast to Coast in there. They are really pushing Coast to Coast as actual challengers. I still don’t buy them though. The Dawgs are basically a comedy team, constantly arguing and using each other as weapons against their opponents.
  3. The Kingdom won with a crazy move where Marseglia picked up one of the members of C2C on his shoulders and then TK O’Ryan picked up Marseglia on his shoulders and they hit a double rolling Death Valley Driver. Pretty fun. The Kingdom challenges for the tag titles and the 6-man tag titles.
  4. Back from break and we get Flip Gordon cutting a promo about how he is tired of the Young Bucks and the Bullet Club picking on him. He is going to go find a few guys to stand with him and fight the Bullet Club. Um, wasn’t that the whole purpose of Search and Destroy?
  5. Cody Rhodes comes out and gives someone named Ryan Nova a title shot. I don’t see this jobber doing very well. When he goes to kiss Cody’s ring before the match, Nova does eat it, pulling it into his mouth and mocking Cody with it. That is not taken to very well and Cody crushes Mr. Nova with a Crossroads and then the American Deathlock. Moving on.
  6. Dalton Castle comes out and stares at Cody just so the crowd remembers what he looks like. He hasn’t wrestled on Ring of Honor TV in quite a while. He also has a newly bedazzled microphone to cut a promo. Castle says that he finds Cody to be a “good…no…great…no…good wrestler.” That was a heck of a funny line.
  7. Cody declines Castle a title shot and says he can make a call to “Paul” and get him one of those developmental contracts that all his friends took. Dalton then attacks Cody and hits him with a Bangarang. Castle then says he thought about it and that he loves it here and will take his title.
  8. Jay Lethal cuts a little promo talking about how he is going to be the Ring of Honor World Champion once again. Short and simple. To the point. That works. Then we get to see Mark Briscoe badly dislocating his elbow but still cutting a promo that he wants his shot next week. Jay Briscoe comes out and basically tells Mark that he has tried to win the TV title so often and hasn’t done it. And given his arm, he’s got no shot. He should be concentrating on winning the tag team titles with him instead. Again, I do not really need a Briscoe versus Briscoe feud.
  9. Main event time – War Machine takes on the Motor City Machineguns. I know the MCMGs are awesome, but WarMachine just looks like they are going to eat them for lunch. In fact, War Machine starts off the match by crushing Shelley and hitting Fallout on Sabin within 20 seconds. The belts are only saved by Shelley diving desperately off the top. The match turns into a a typical strong team versus fast team match. The good thing is that both of these teams are super athletic which makes the match that much more interesting.
  10. The end came when War Machine was finishing off the MCMGs and about to get the victory when The Addiction came in and started spraying silly string at Hansen and Rowe. Even when Daniels tried to throw a punch at Ray Rowe, the ref didn’t stop the match. War Machine tossed The Addiction from the ring, but Sabin stole a cheap surprise roll up victory to keep the belts. That was a cheap finish to a pretty darn good match. Grrr, ROH, grrr.

And that’s all for today. See you next week!

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