Top SmackDown Stars Sent Home From European Tour (UPDATE #2 11.9.17)

Reports are breaking that top SmackDown Live stars Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens have been sent home from the current European tour.

While no official reason has been given, word is that Vince McMahon was unhappy with their promo segment on last night’s show; one source saying they “went into business for themselves”.


According to Pro Wrestling Sheet, Zayn and Owens didn’t follow directions given to them during their segment with the New Day during last night’s SmackDown taping as they were supposed to “feed” New Day after Zayn vs. Kingston.

Owens hit the ring as soon as the match ended and attacked Kofi as planned. However, he and Sami quickly bailed from the ring. New Day then stood waiting, same for the sound crew who didn’t play anyone’s music and the segment ended awkwardly when the two wrestlers seemingly went off script by not taking their planned beating afterward.

Since publishing the story on Owens/Zayn being sent home, multiple sources reached out saying the duo have been slightly difficult to work with lately and seem unhappy backstage since the departures of friends Jimmy Jacobs and Neville.


Dave Meltzer has indicated that this was a complete miscommunication, and it’s not like Owens and Sami refused to get beat up by The New Day. There are reportedly no issues related to Owens and Sami being mad about putting The New Day over. The issues were related to the two being expected to get beat up after the match, which was supposed to build their feud to a tag team match next week at SmackDown in Charlotte, NC.

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Source: Pro Wrestling Sheet