DC Comics Rebirth & Titans #17 Spoilers: The Future Of The Titans Revealed As Hypertime Strikes As Its Troia Vs. Donna Troy?!

DC Comics Rebirth and Titans #17 Spoilers follows.

Time is broken and hypertime has returned (at least twice in fact before this week) and co-exists with the multiverse. During the same week that an evil future Tim Drake as Batman of Teen Titans Tomorrow attacks in Detective Comics (spoilers here) an evil future Donna Troy as Troia attacks the Titans.

The future Troia has been around for 1400 years because Donna Troy is immortal. She wants to kill the Titans to spare herself future pain.

Donna Troy will have no part of it and attacks her future self.

Troia uses her lash of truth to reveal the real history of Donna Troy to herself…

…as well as the future including the death of Titans with Lilith’s suicide, Arsenal’s relapse and more sending…

…Troia into an angry combative disposition. Perhaps even drove her insane if Troia’s present day fight with her younger self and the Titans is any indication.

At the same time Kid Flash Wally West is trying to revive the presumed dead Flash Wally West as he senses the speed force still in him as…

…Troia wages war with the Titans and…

…beckons her younger self to join in destroying the Titans.

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