Impact Wrestling 11/9/17 Recap – Alberto El Patron Brawls With Johnny Impact

JB and Josh are mid-ring and run down tonight’s show – including Eddie Edwards defending the GHC Heavyweight Title. A BFG recap video shows Gail’s title win, LVN being misted, and Eli retaining thanks to Alberto. Eli and Adonis come down and Eli calls himself the Namer of Dummies. WORLD CHAMPION ELI DRAKE. Petey comes down and challenges Eli, who accepts for “maybe next week”. They brawl and Eli avoids a Destroyer and Jimmy Jacobs comes down for commentary. Matt Sydal is down to face Sonjay Dutt. Dutt wrestles him down with an armdrag and Jacobs leaves. Sydal gets 2 off a standing moonsault. Sydal hits a nice dropkick to the knee, but Sonjay gets a superplex. Sydal locks on a wacky ankle lock, but Sonjay makes it to the ropes. Sonjay hits a swinging DDT, but Sydal hits an inverted Dudebuster and wins with the SSP.

EC3 comes down and says that Sydal come here undefeated, and actually beat Lashley. He choked there, choked for the X Title, and now he’ll choke against him too. Well, that would be a great match without a round system. Clips of the first Impact air to fill some time. El Hijo Del Fantasma comes down to face Eddie for the GHC Title. They treat this like an actual World title match, giving it a big intro and starting off slow. JB talks about how Fantasma should main event TripleMania, which is their biggest event with over 30,000 people there. BFG had…quite a big less people there. Super rana by Fantasma gets 2. Blue Thunder bomb gets 2.5. for Eddie. Fantasma goes for the dive, so Eddie kicks him and they tease an apron Tiger driver, but Fantasma avoids it. Eddie hits his dive, BUT FANTASMA HITS HIS! Eddie flapjacks him and goes for the Tiger driver, but Fantasma ranas him for 2. Tiger driver hits for 2.5, but the Boston knee party knocks him out and the Die Hard Flowsion ends it.

The ATT vs. Moose and Bonnar match is recapped. Three random guys are mid-ring to face OVE and Sami Callihan. The Ohio badasses kill the jobbers with a triple boot and hit a double chickenfight cutter to win. LAX comes down and Homicide brawls with them again. So I think LAX are babyfaces now for some reason, because OVE ran away from this. The winner of Global Forged and Johnny Impact jumps him. We get a random clip of a weekly TNA PPV with someone in Terry Taylor/Bobby Roode’s robe saying wrestling is fake and then Piper does his fire extinguisher bit. Why on Earth just have this of all things in here with zero context?

Allie faces KC Spinelli at BCW. Allie gets a crossbody for 2. KC gets 2 off a fisherman’s suplex, but misses a moonsault and Allie wins with a death valley driver. Allie says she hopes that Gail isn’t retiring. Alberto and Johnny brawl backstage. Johnny slips all over the place and throws a garbage bag on him. Alberto fights back with a wet floor sign. Alberto climbs a ladder next to the men’s room, as you do and tries to hide by knocking the ladder over. Why Johnny doesn’t just CLIMB THE LADDER AGAIN is beyond me. Ah, he wants to use parkour – well, that is cooler. Alberto scrambles from the top of the restroom area and Johnny dives onto him and security. They finally get to the ringside area, which is far less cool. They have every brawl ever and Alberto locks on the over the rope armbar. Well, the backstage stuff was neat and it’s amazing how much less major league the company looks with their ringside setup than they came off with the giant catering area for the brawl.

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