DC Comics Rebirth Mister Miracle #4 Spoilers: What Is Scott Free’s Mental State & Fate?

DC Comics Rebirth Mister Miracle #4 Spoilers follow.

We learn that Scott Free or Mister Miracle is not the real name of our titular character. He doesn’t know his real name, but wishes he did.

Orion, the new Lord of Apokolips, begins the trial for our titular character asking many true and false questions that summarize what happened so far in the Mister Miracle series and…

…provide a window into the scarred psyche of “Mister Miracle”.

In fact, he snaps, attacks Orion whose only saving grace is Big Barda holding Mister Miracle back.

Orion passes judgement. Mister Miracle is guilty and…

…must report in 3 days to Orion who will execute him?! Brotherly love?

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