Sex Abuse Allegations: Will Dark Horse & Image Comics Cut Ties With Scott Allie As DC Comics Fires Eddie Berganza? Who’s Next? UPDATE


See below for update on Scott Allie’s current status with Image Comics.


Now that DC Comics has fired Group Editor Eddie Berganza over historical sexual misconduct allegations after initially simply demoting him years ago, will Dark Horse sever its ties to Scott Allie?

Scott Allie was an employee of Dark Horse for over 20 years and rose to the rank of Editor in Chief before stepping down in 2015 after allegations of sexual misconduct with male creators the most prominent of which was prolific writer Joe Harris.

At the end of September 2017 Allie announced he was leaving the employment of Dark Horse and going freelance as a writer and editor.

If an ineffective initial response to legacy claims of sexual misconduct was enough to have Eddie Berganza fired now DC Comics, will Dark Horse sever all ties, freelance and otherwise, with Scott Allie over a similarly inept handling of his alleged sexual misconduct file by the company?

Also, will other comic book companies and related business black ball a freelance Scott Allie over his alleged alleged sexual misconduct?


The Mary Sue reports Scott Allie is working on a project for Image Comics; a tribute book concerning the Las Vegas shooting massacre. While the project is noble, will Image Comics distance itself from Allie over the current #MeToo environment?


Lastly, the whispers are getting louder at DC Comics, Marvel Comics and other publishers with “open secrets” set to hit the mainstream about other comic book publisher employees and creators set to be outed over alleged sexual misconduct. Who are these other alleged perverts? Stay tuned.

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