DVD Review – Family Guy (Season 15)

Over a decade ago Family Guy was like every other animated series that dared to be on Fox alongside The Simpsons: around for a handful of seasons to a dedicated but small audience and cancelled several seasons in. And then something magical happened: Fox brought it back. Now, in this second incarnation, Family Guy has joined The Simpsons as a staple of Sunday nights. At one-point Seth MacFarlane properties accounted for 90 minutes of Fox’s Sunday night TV block as “Animation Domination.”

And now, with American Dad on TBS and The Cleveland Show cancelled, Family Guy remains alongside The Simpsons as one of Fox’s longest running sit-coms. The Griffin Clan from Pawtucket has managed to last on Fox airwaves a lot longer than a lot of others shows and season 15 feels remarkable considering its first iteration was marked by a wave of DVD sales establishing its resurrection.

Family Guy is at the point where if it was cancelled it wouldn’t be shocking because the series has been running on fumes for the past several seasons. Season 15 feels like more of the same and MacFarlane, who drove the show during its peak years, hasn’t contributed to the writing of it for long enough that the Star Wars trilogy remains its arguably best moments.

Nothing of significance.

20th Century Fox presents Family Guy: It’s A Trap. Created by Seth MacFarlane. Starring: Seth MacFarlane, Alex Borstein, Seth Green, Patrick Warburton and Adam West. Running time: 440 minutes. Not Rated, however contains language not suitable for all ages. Released on Blu-ray and DVD: 11.7.17

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