Impact Wrestling 11/16/17 Recap – Petey vs. Eli for the Global Title

Eli cuts a promo on Petey via video package, who responds in kind. Petey looks kind of like a mini-Eli now. Taiji Ishimori comes down to team with Lee and Caleb Konley to face Dezmond Xavier, who Josh puts over as a trending topic as he teams with Sonjay and Garza Jr. Garza’s shoulder is still completely immosbile. Sonjay plays face in peril until he bonks the Cult of Lee into each other. Ishimori misses as Lee holds a ONE ARMED MAN, and hits a rana. Xavier flip dives onto the Cult, but eats a springboard seated senton by Ishimori. Dezmond hits an X19 and wins with a spiral tap. And now he’s gone from the company, so this booking makes perfect sense.

Sami and OVE cut a promo about “EVERYTHING” Riveting. EC3 beats Bahh and retains the Grand Title before doing title belt angels on the ramp. LAX comes down for a street fight with OVE and Sami, who seemingly are all just OVE now. Sami uses the ref to distract from a low blow on Homicide. Santana and Ortiz come in to brawl with the Crists. Santana goes for a run-up cutter using Sami as a base, but Sami kicks his head in and he eats a tombstone. LAX hits the powerbomb/blockbuster to win it. This was outstanding – these teams actually have some great chemistry, and it’s the best the tag division has looked in quite a few years.

Ken Shamrock wins the NWA Title on the debut show in the GWN clip. Dan Lambert cuts a promo on pro wrestling fans for being gullible and talks about the Montreal Screwjob here in 2017, and an event that happened in another company. He insults the Canadian fans and tells them to stop going to Florida because they’re bad at driving and cheap. He brings a release down for Lashley and Moose comes down before eating a beating from ATT. Storm kicks some ass and beats up a goon protecting Dan Lambert. He cuts a promo on the folks in Impact who have made the company fun. Storm takes an ATT guy’s shoe and gives it to a fan. Well, that was fun.

Chris Rock is shown in the Pluto app plug. Eli cuts a promo on Petey, and we get a hype video on Petey. Gail chats with Allie, who says she loves her. A Gail Kim highlight video airs before she comes down and vacates the title. It’s amazing that they actually allowed her to retire as champion – and if anyone deserves it in this division, it’s her. The title is vacated and will be on the line in a tournament while the fans chant “thank you Gail” while also checking their phones. Joseph Park and Grado have heat in catering. Park’s all-grey beard is odd and he promises that Abyss is gone. He gives Grado his visa and turns face. A Mountie comes in and says his visa is okay for the US – but not Canada, so he’s deported anyway.

Jimmy Jacobs comes down for commentary before Petey faces Eli. Eli hits his usual chain of punches and face plants him. Petey does a lot of punches and very little flying. Outside-in Codebreaker hits alongside a shining wizard. Petey gets a sharpshooter, but Eli escapes and gores him into the corner. Petey goes for the Destroyer, but Eli hits the Dudebuster – which is a billion times cooler than his actual finish, and it only gets 2. Petey hits a pop-up powerbomb and the Destroyers is turned into the Gravy Train to end it.

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