Marvel Comics Legacy & Spider-Men II #4 Spoilers: Miles Morales Spider-Man Meets Miles Morales Villain As Peter Parker Feels Wrath Of Taskmaster?!

Marvel Comics Legacy and Spider-Men II #4 Spoilers follows.

We open with usual Marvel Comics summary and creator credits page.

Spider-Man Miles Morales and Amazing Spider-Man Peter Parker have staked out an air strip is where Taskmaster appears to be waiting from the 616 Universe’s Miles Morales; remember that Spider-Man Miles Morales is from the now dead alternate universe known as the Ultimate Universe.

Both Spider-Men are defeated by Taskmaster and presented to 616 villain Miles Morales.

He diesn’t care for the unmasked Spider-Men and is focused on what he paid Taskmaster to do.

He’s found an alternate world where villain Miles Morales lady love is alive and that’s where he wants to be.

For the record, I hate the Legacy costume for Taskmaster. The classic version is best.

This all wraps up with Spider-Men II #5 next time!

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