Pull List Roundtable 11/15/2017 – The Batman Who Laughs #1, Ninja-K #1, Brilliant Trash #1 & More


John Babos

10 books this week.

  • Batman Who Laughs #1
  • Bloodshot Salvation #3
  • Bug: The Adventures Of The Forager #5
  • Justice League #33
  • Mighty Thor #701
  • Nightwing #33
  • Ninja-K #1
  • Super Sons #10
  • Superman #35
  • Trinity #15

Matt Graham

  • Babyteeth #6 – The second arc of our Biblical horror road trip sees teen mom Sadie take her anti-Christ newborn to Palestine where she can hide from the cabal looking to kill her child to spare the world all that Revelations stuff.

And yet, still not as dramatic as MTV’s Teen Mom.

  • Brilliant Trash #1 – For more Biblical Aftershock fun, prolific creator Tim Seeley scripts for artist Priscilla Petraites in another tale of teenage girls wreaking havoc over in Jerusalem. This one is sci-fi satire: An Internet “journalist” is the only one who can uncover a corporate conspiracy involving pharmaceutical powerhouse, superpowers, and modern journalism.

It’s billed as a mini last I checked, so I may wait for trade. I like Seeley, though.

  • Sheena #3 – Sheena heads into a forbidden, hidden temple of legend. Let’s hope she knows how to assemble the Silver Monkey idol.
  • Dark Fang #1 – This title grabbed my attention for the sheer 90s of it, but then Kelsey Shannon’s gleaming silver cover grabbed me and I looked deeper. It’s a vampire comic. I love vampires. Through good times and bad, vampires are always a good time for me. Dark Fang is about a vampire who… lives underwater and it may be an environmental cautionary tale. Hm. Well, given Sphere, Dept. H, Aquaman and Mera, and The Wake, I do love underwater stories. Let’s see how it shakes.
  • Generation Gone #5 – When I first looked into this tale about young teens with superpowers they never wanted, I was cautioned by our own Jim that Ales Kot may not keep to a timely schedule, let alone finish what he started. Five non-delayed issues in and the first arc is over, and the trade I could have waited on is out January 3rd. If you haven’t jumped in now, jump in then.

I’ll be here on the single issue wallowing in this book’s special brand of early aughts angst.

  • Evolution #1 – Four writers and two artists in an oversized launch for this book about our world evolving at breakneck speed. I’ll eye it in the shop, but Image is always a safe tradewait.
  • Hawkeye #12 – One, Kelly Thompson has delivered a razor sharp and on target Kate Bishop worthy of Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye rebrand power. Two, Michael Walsh is still on art. Three, Wolverine (Laura) teams up. In.
  • Bloodshot Salvation #3 – I weave in and out of Valiant, but Bloodshot is their best book, time after time.
  • Ninja-K #1 – Matt Kindt’s Ninjak was a thing of beauty, and I’m picking this next chapter up off of the promise of Christos Gage and Bloodshot Salvation being quality action with meaningful drama. Valiant has honed that corner of superheroism. Superantiheroism? Thought provoking ultraviolence.
  • Batwoman #9
  • Mighty Thor #701 
  • X-Men Blue #15

Mike Maillaro

Thank you, Babos for filling in for me the last two weeks while I was on vacation! Another fairly small week, but some books I am really curious about.

  • PUNISHER #218 – I really loved the last PUNISHER run by Becky Cloonan. Not all that sold on Frank Castle as War Machine, but I will give this series a shot anyway.
  • BATMAN #35 –Batman and Catwoman face off with Talia to try and clear Selina’s name. I usually like Tom King’s work a lot, but his BATMAN has been a little hit or miss for me. This arc has been his best yet.
  • BATMAN WHO LAUGHS #1 – How did we get a crazy Batman/Joker hybrid in the Dark Multiverse? This issue sheds some light on the most disturbing Batman we’ve seen. I’ve really enjoyed the Dark Batman One-shots. They have been my favorite part of Metal, and they have all been building to this one.
  • BLOODSHOT SALVATION #3 – Bloodshot has always been one of my favorite Valiant series. SALVATION has been a bit of a slow burn the first two issues, but it is still one hell of a good read. Real curious how all the pieces come together on this one.
  • BRILLIANT TRASH #1 – Honestly, I am not sure what this one is about, but Aftershock has a pretty close to flawless track record with me, so I add all their books sight unseen.
  • Babyteeth #6
  • Unholy Grail #4
  • WWE Survivors Series 2017 Special #1
  • Bug The Adventures Of Forager #5 (Of 6)
  • Future Quest Presents #4
  • Green Lanterns #35
  • Justice League #33
  • Nightwing #33
  • Super Sons #10
  • Superman #35
  • Wonder Woman Conan #3 (Of 6)
  • Curse Words #10
  • Invincible #142
  • Postal #24
  • Amazing Spider-Man #791
  • Ben Reilly The Scarlet Spider #10
  • Champions #14
  • Defenders #7
  • Doctor Strange #381
  • Guardians Of The Galaxy #147
  • Hawkeye #12
  • Incredible Hulk #710
  • Mighty Thor #701
  • Not Brand Echh #14
  • Secret Warriors #8
  • Spider-Men II #4 (Of 5)
  • Star Wars Darth Vader #8
  • Star Wars Doctor Aphra #14
  • Weapon X #11
  • X-Men Blue #15
  • Ninja-K #1

James Fulton

  • East of West #35 – While I’m sure some people were very excited to hear that DC is courting Jonathan Hickman, that news upset me, because this book and his other Image titles don’t come out often enough now. I’d much rather read a new issue of this series than anything else he might write.
  • Ninja-K #1 – I like that this series is going to look at the larger spy/ninja world that Ninjak has been a part of, but that we’ve never really seen before.
  • Punisher #218 – I’m a big fan of Matthew Rosenberg’s Black Mask work, and have liked what I’ve read of his Marvel work too, so I’m tempted to give this a shot.


Matt: Didn’t know he was taking Frank for a spin. That interests me. I fell off after Cloonan’s first arc.

Phil Allen

  • Babyteeth #6 – New arc in what might be my favorite Donny Cates comic right now. It’s main competitor is Redneck, and it goes back and forth depending what week it is.
  • Bombshells United #6 – I’m glad to see this series is just as good as the original. Lots of fun exploring more new yet familiar characters.
  • Curse Words #10 – I’ve been catching up on this series over the last few days and, as far as Charles Soule books go, it’s on the level with his Star Wars books.
  • East of West #35 – As James was mentioning above, there are rumors (?) that DC is courting Hickman in potentially a ‘Bendis-like’ way, and I’m on the fence about that possibility. One on hand, I think he’d be great on something like Justice League Dark but it seems that whenever he gets something on the Big Two his independents get delayed. I don’t think it’s a coincidence The Dying and The Dead was put on hiatus right in the middle of Secret Wars, but I could be wrong. I would hate to give up those or The Black Monday Murders.
  • Rasputin: Voice of the Dragon #1 – I’ve been enjoying all the Hellboy & BPRD 1950’s titles, and stepping back even further to focus on Broom to where it all began should be pretty great.
  • The Wicked + The Divine #33 – What was behind the door?!
  • Batman #35
  • Batwoman #9
  • Dark Fang #1
  • Evolution #1
  • Generation Gone #5
  • James Bond: Kill Chain #5
  • Star Wars: Darth Vader #8
  • Super Sons #10
  • Superman #35
  • The Batman Who Laughs #1
  • Trinity #15