A Silent Marvel Comics Exit For Axel Alonso? Joe Quesada, Tom Brevoort, Brian Michael Bendis & Others Mute

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(Above: Left to right is former Marvel EIC Axel Alonso, Marvel Senior Vice President of Publishing Tom Brevoort,
Marvel Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada and Marvel President Dan Buckley.)

Many creators have sent out messages in the last 24 hours congratulating C.B. Cebulski on his promotion to Marvel Comics Editor-In-Chief (EIC). A subset of those creators, so not all, have also thanked outgoing EIC Axel Alonso for his work with them and Marvel.

However, as of press time, some big names are simply silent on the new EIC news, but specifically the firing of Axel Alonso.

Marvel President Dan Buckley – He had lots to say about his decision to promote Cebulski with sparse comments on Alonso most notably in a New York Times piece that acknowledged that Alsono oversaw “some of our top two or three sales years of all time“.

Marvel Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada – No reaction on social media yet to Cebulski’s promotion and Alonso’s firing.

Marvel Senior Vice President of Publishing Tom Brevoort – One funny retweet (below) about Cebulski, but nothing about Alonso.

Outgoing Marvel writer and newly DC Comics exclusive Brian Michael Bendis – A nice tweet (below) about Cebulski and zip on Alonso.

Although, in Bendis’ case he may be taking a few days to form his thoughts on Alonso considering Alonso was slow to thank Bendis for his time at Marvel once news broke of Bendis’ new exclusive DC Comics deal.

Was DC Comics stealing away Bendis the final straw for Marvel President Dan Buckley on top of the tepid response to Marvel Legacy, the Secret Empire controversy over Captain America being a Nazi, his candid diversity concerns, etc.?

I’m not shocked by the outpouring of congratulations for Cebulski; it makes sense to get in with the new boss and he is a legit nice guy, but the lack of uniform thanks or praise for Alonso’s tenure at Marvel by the folks you’d expect them from is odd.

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