CW Arrow DC TV Spoilers: Stephen Amell Reveals Who Are Under The Nazi Masks Of Arrow, The Flash & Supergirl! [Photo]

CW Arrow DC TV Spoilers follows.

The last Monday and Tuesday of November 2017 will see the DC TV shows on the CW – Supergirl, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, The Flash and Arrow – take part in their annual cross-over. This year it is called the Crisis On Earth X.

The Nazi villains of that Earth X are evil versions of the heroes we know from DC TV on the CW. Stephen Amell revealed who is under the Flash Earth X costume.

That is actor Tom Cavanagh not Grant Gustin; Gustin plays the Flash and Cavanagh played the Reverse Flash in an earlier season. We also see Melissa Benoist as the evil Supergirl and Amell as an evil Green Arrow.

Plus we get a HUGE group shot too.

Should be fun.

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