Rasslin Roundtable for NXT Takeover: WarGames

Tonight is NXT Takeover: WarGames!

Here is the Pulse Wrestling crew’s full preview with predictions!

The Authors of Pain (Akam and Rezar) and Roderick Strong vs. Sanity (Alexander Wolfe, Eric Young and Killian Dain) vs. The Undisputed Era (Adam Cole, Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly)

Michael – I guess everyone is looking forward to this match. Me? Not so much. I do not have tremendous memories of the War Games match that a lot of other people do. I am not sure it would make any sense to not have the new heel faction go over here. But, given the concept of the match, we can probably count on a few injuries. And I still don’t really get the teaming of Roddy Strong with the AoP. Maybe Strong turns and joins the Undisputed Era? Maybe not. But Cole, Fish, and O’Reilly still go over but everyone looks strong.
Winners: The Undisputed Era

Penny – While I’m HELLA excited to FINALLY see War Games return, the three team format and odd entry rules might derail it’s grand return. Still, I’m hopeful it will be amazing. As for a winner? I’m going to tentatively guess a pushing of the EX ROH crew.
Winners; The Undisputed ROHra

JT – with so many guys involved this match has strong potential to be a clusterf*#k, particularly considering how green the Authors still are. The Undisputed Era have been making waves since their debut but are at a distinct size disadvantage – can they kick their way to victory?
Winners: The Undisputed Era

Widro – They changed quite a bit about the rules to this so it’s not QUITE Wargames, but should be a great match.
Winners: Undisputed Era

Fatal four-way match for the vacant NXT Women’s Championship
Ember Moon vs. Kairi Sane vs. Nikki Cross vs. Peyton Royce (with Billie Kay)

Michael – You know what, I don’t think anyone would be surprised if Ember Moon takes the belt. Nor do I think anyone would be surprised if Kairi Sane won, given her momentum from the Mae Young classic. I can see a scenario where Nikki Cross gets the belt to balance out the rest of Sanity losing in the War Games. So, with all that in mind, I think Vince and Triple H reward some good work being done for quite a while and give the title to Peyton Royce.
Winner: Peyton Royce

Penny – Hmm. On the one hand booking has seemed to be building towards Ember Moon finally winning the belt after a months long chase and overcoming an injury. On the other hand, Kairi Sane’s win in the Mae Young Classic and being pushed as a huge deal since suggests her as a lock too. Peyton Royce is a fun heel but not ready for a reign, and Nikki Cross doesn’t really need the belt to get over. So I’ll flip a coin between Moon and Sane.
Winner; *flips coin* Hmm. Tails. Guess it’s the InSane Elbow Dropper.

JT – since Asukas departure the Women’s division in NXT has been given a chance to grow, with Sane and Riot both looking promising. That said, this is probably Ember Moon’s time to shine.
Winner; Ember Moon

Widro – I think it is time for Ember Moon to shine.
Winner: Ember Moon

NXT Championship
Drew McIntyre (c) vs. Andrade Almas (with Zelina Vega)

Michael – They almost killed Almas by turning his character into fodder for new stars coming into the promotion. But the addition of Zelina Vega to his corner seems to have lit a light for him. I would love to predict an upset here, as I just like Almas more than McIntyre, but I don’t think that goes here.
Winner: Drew McIntyre

Penny – Yeah sorry no. Cien is entertaining as hell but will never rise higher than the midcard. Not even a chance here.
Winner; What’s that metronome I hear? Andrade’s end is drawing near.

JT – how in hell is Cien Almas challenging for the NXT title? I haven’t watched the show in a few weeks but based on the past 2 years he has zero shot.
Winner: Drew McIntyre

Widro – Haven’t seen such a forgone conclusion ever in an NXT Title match.
Winner: McIntyre

Aleister Black vs. The Velveteen Dream

Michael – This should not be anywhere near the card. You have a TON of talent there, HHH. So why would you put The Velveteen Dream on this PPV?
Winner: Aleister Black

Penny – Vince and Tripsy are both insanely high on Black, who is insanely talented. Velveteen dream is a bad one note joke “ambiguously gay” trope. Black wins, unless Tripsy REALLY wants to troll the crowd.
Winner; Satan Ate My Homework.

JT – wow, what a waste of Black’s considerable talents. Does anyone really give a toss about the Velveteen Dream?
Winner: Aleister Black

Widro – Black has star potential and should be in line for a title shot sooner than later.
Winner: Black

Kassius Ohno vs. Lars Sullivan

Michael – Full disclosure – I have no idea why these guys are wrestling each other. But Sullivan appears to be working an Incredible Hulk type angle, and Vince does love his big men. Ohno, on the other hand, is working off a gimmick inspired by the initials K.O., much like Kevin Owens is on Smackdown. The difference is that Owens has done something with his character. I still don’t know what Ohno is all about, other than to enhance the talent of others.
Winner: Lars Sullivan

Penny – Ohno seems to be stuck on a strange underdog-on-a-losing-streak schtick right now so I’ll guess he loses and keeps losing until the Mania weekend takeover.

JT – they seem to be pushing big Lars as a monster, and poor chubby Kassius is just there to help out other people over, so this is probably only going to go one way…
Winner; Lars Sullivan

Widro – I think Ohno is not going to get a push ever.
Winner: Sullivan

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