Marvel & Netflix’s The Punisher Recaps by Penny – Episode 4: Resupply

Louise is feverishly digging up something in his dad’s yard, or is dreaming about doing so. It’s hard to tell for certain. Shortest Cold Open so far, as that scene lasted maybe 10-15 seconds before the awesome credits start.

Frank sneaks up on everyone;’s favourite weaselly gun runner from Daredevil and Luke Cage. He interrogates him about where he gets his supply, and demands some guns. He begs Frank not to kill him as he’s just a salesman and has never done anything to Frank. Frank complies with a pistol whip. He returns to Micro and tells him his intel was bad, there were no heavy weapons like M-80’s and the like. Which might be because, as we see next in Dinah’s office, they’re not IN New York yet. Sam is informing Dinah about the shipment due tomorrow on a tanker and wants to know if she wants to raid it. She says they should wait to catch the Greeks selling them, catch them in the act. Wolf may have been dirty they agree, but when he was being a cop he was a good one.

Dinah’s boss arrives to tell her that they need to keep the details about Wolf’s corruption as revealed after he died with his offshore bank accounts quiet. He also suggests she should see the bigger picture and drop the dogged drive to solve the Afghani cop’s murder. He  vaguely hints that, even though he wanted her in this position when he first hired her, he can as easily fire her outright. JUST a vague unspoken threat but clear enough to annoy her.

Frank is cleaning Micro’s “for show” gun, making weird metaphors about a kid taking care of a dog. Sarah calls asking for Frank to sign a form so her insurance can repair her car after Frank let her hit him. Micro tells Frank Sarah has nothing to do with this, and if he wants his guns he’ll go help her out. Curtis meanwhile, has been called by Louise’s dad to come talk to him after the gunshot incident, and it turns out he WAS digging something in his dad’s yard; a foxhole lined with sandbags and covered in an army tarp, in which he is sitting quietly and reading. He downplays what happened. Curtis gives him advice about how to fix his foxhole for rain, but Louise zones out on him. Curtis thinks he feels guilty for coming home intact while others didn’t. Louise refuses to leave the foxhole, and for the moment Curtis gives up, but is clearly worried.

Frank shows up at Sarah’s. She says he looks different and Frank jokes about how everyone kept telling him he looked liked a hipster. He hates hipsters. Micro watches on the cameras. He takes a jab at Micro knowing he’s watching, and helps Sarah and her daughter fix the garbage disposal. Micro is eaten up watching Frank interact with his kids. Sarah explains that her daughter’s friends turned on her after her dad died, as kids can be cruel. He understands. She feels guilty after saying she sometimes wishes her kids weren’t there but Frank says he gets that too and it’s okay. He offers to fix her headlight so she doesn’t need to worry about insurance.

Billy is giving some potentiall PMC soldiers a peptalk about how they’re soldiers who aren’t suited to civilian life, but at Anvil they’ll have a purpose, that they can fight like they were meant to and be paid, to be part of something bigger. Sam meanwhile is giving some Homeland/ICE staff a briefing about the raid on the weapons shipment. Dinah unintentionally embarasses him by pointing out flaws in his plan and suggesting fixes to nail it up. He asks if the boss was there to make her promotion official. She says he was there to keep her in her place. She talks about how she and Arafi, the dead Afghani cop, met, and tells Sam his gun op is a good op. Billy watches some f his recruits being competetive, and looks mildly concerned.

Frank is tuning an old guitar Micro had laying around but never got around to learning to play. Micro calls him over, having finally tracked down the gun shipment, telling him Homeland is going after it. Frank says they’re going to need a ride. Switch to a garage where a crook is iterrogating a couple tied up crying men, where Frank walks in with a grenade. He rambles something about cortisone to distract the crook and his flunkies then takes them all out. He regags the crying guy that’s still alive, tells Micro not to puke, reminds him that there will be a LOT more of this, and they leave in a van and a mustang.

Curtis has come to talk about Louis to Billy, and Billy is unsure he’s a good fit. Curtis tells Billy Louise NEEDS this given the whole almost shooting his dad and living in a foxhole thing. Curtis thinks he needs the focus of the combat exersizes, but NOT to actually BE in combat, telling Billy he’d be a liability in the field. Billy agrees to try to keep him distracted but is worried about when, not if, Louise will snap. Billy goes to talk to him about the foxhole, and tells him this business is based on trust. Louise gets angry, asking him if Curtis ratted him out. Billy tells Louise it doesn’t matter what Curtis said. Louise is done.

Dinah and Sam are on comms getting ready for the raid. Micro meanwhile is having second thoughts about getting his hands dirty, and Frank calls him on it. He brings up Sarah satying Micro NEVER got his hands dirty, and pisses him off enough to motivate him into doing the job. Micro is on overwatch and jams the Homeland comms with some really shitty electronica. Dinah and Sam are effectively operationally deaf and can’t talk to each other, so Dinah phones Sam directly, telling him to stay in position and stay sharp. Frank chases the truck’s drivers into the water with a flamethrower and Dinah realizes that the video she’s been watching of the truck is on a loop. Frank and Micro take the weapons shipment and Dinah hops into her car to try to track it down based on it’s last known position. Micro sees her coming, so Frank tells him to keep going while he distracts her. He leads her on a merry back alley car chase to give Micro time to get away with the gun truck. Some fancy driving does the trick and he loses her, or so he thinks. But Dinah intercepts him on a bridge, and it’s time to play chicken. But before they can, Micro rams her car with the truck. Frank is annoyed and Micro is babbling about getting his hands dirty. Frank tells him to go home.

Frank pulls her out of her car and carries her to safety. She calls him an asshole, recognizing him as soon as she’s lucid. He admits to killing Wolf when she asks, because he was dirty. He knows her too apparently, as he calls her by name when he tells her to stay out of his way. He leaves and she watches her car explode, realizing Frank saved her life.

End of episode.

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