DC Comics Rebirth & Action Comics #992 Spoilers & Review: Time Is Broken! What Will Superman Do To Fix It?

DC Comics Rebirth and Action Comics #992 Spoilers and Review follow.

Superman is grappling with the fact that his biological father Jor-El is alive and is the villain Mr. Oz. And, despite his efforts, everything…

…points to Jor-El being alive as Mr. Oz despite what Superman would want.

Batman visits a distracted and raging Superman in the Fortress of Solitude and indicates that Time Is Broken; readers know that from the various time anomalies seen in various DC Rebirth titles in recent months.

Superman travels to Mogo for the Green Lantern’s help in learning what happened when Kryton exploded, but the recording has been corrupted.

So, Superman decides to use the Flash’s Cosmic Treadmill in the Justice League’s watchtower to travel back in time to see for himself if Jor-El survived Kryton’s demise…

….just as Booster Gold and Skeets arrive to try to stop him.


A multi-layered dramatic issue by Dan Jurgens and Rob Williams with kinectic art by Will Conrad. 9 out of 10.

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