DC Comics Rebirth & Detective Comics #969 Spoilers & Review: The Militarization Of Batman Has Consquences? Plus Tim Drake Red Robin!

DC Comics Rebirth and Detective Comics #969 Spoilers and Review follow.

Gotham City has a new Mayor in former Police Commissioner Atkins. He will continue to support Batman and need his help to fight crime from time to time, but he doesn’t see the Batman Family as needed to replace the Police Department.

Stephanie Brown, the Spoiler, is still drawn to Lonnie Machin, Anarky. |despite being in prison, he still wants her to align with the Victims Syndicate.

As Spoiler should goes back to her lair pondering her future torn between costumed villain Anarky and presumably dead costumed hero Red Robin in front of the costume of her dead father the Cluemaster until….

…Tim Drake as Red Robin reunites with Stephanie Brown as Spoiler.

They have work to do still as heroes, but have plans to leave this life and becomes University Students together.

Batman and the new Mayor meet and, despite their previous working relationship, the Mayor doesn’t support the militarization of Batman through his Batman Family team including the convicted criminal Clayface being on the team.

Killer Moth assembles representatives from the most profitable crime enterprises in Gotham City offering them protection for a price with a team…

…consisting of Solomon Grundy, Ratcatcher, Killer Moth, Firefly and Mr. Zsasz.

However, it turns out that is not Solomon Grundy, but Clayface in disguise and Team Batman take down the new team as…

…the Victims Syndicate rises again from…

…behind bars? As a reminder, here are the Victims Syndicate members…

…plus Anarky.


An awesome roller-coaster of a story by James Tynion IV and vibrant, dynamic pencils by Joe Bennett. 9 out of 10.

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