Marvel Comics’ Inhumans “X-Men Replacement” Efforts Over With Marvel Legacy’s Inhumans: Judgement Day #1?

CBR has an interview with Marvel Comics Legacy’s Royals writer Al Ewing. Royals is a series about the Inhumans, which ends with January 2017’s Royals #12.

The broader Inhumans arc of the last several years ends with the on-shot Inhumans: Judgement Day #1 in January 2018.

Ewing was asked “…it feels like Judgment Day isn’t just the wrap of your current run on Inhumans, but sort of the finale for the past several years worth of Inhumans tales. Is that a fair description? Is this the end of what’s come before and the beginning of what’s next for the Inhumans?

To Ewing responded “…To an extent. Black Bolt will still be going when Judgment Day hits the shelves, and readers will see how the two tie together as Black Bolt continues. But we leave the Royals in an interesting place, with everything to play for, and I think from here, the Inhumans really can go anywhere and do anything. I want to leave the next writer, or writers, with a nice setup with limitless potential to move forward into whatever future they want to build, and I think I’ve just about managed that. We’ll see.

I’d like to end by saying thank you to all those who’ve given good word of mouth to Royals and to the other Inhumans books — it’s been great seeing people connect with the work and enjoy it. It’s all very much appreciated.”

Marvel has been seemingly trying for several to elevate the Inhumans as a franchise to X-Men level relevance and popularity. Part of this is rumored to involve Marvel not owning the movie rights to the X-Men which Fox owns. The other has been Marvel trying to elevate an IP to expand sales.

Whether in comics form or the much maligned ABC Inhumans series this past Fall, the Inhumans have failed to resonate with fans.

What is next for the Inhumans? Well, they may be just like any other comic series now with Marvel exploiting more popular or intriguing characters like Black Bolt whose series continues in Marvel Legacy.

Time will tell.

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