CW & DC TV Crisis On Earth X Parts 3 & 4 Top 5 Spoilers: Death, Marriage & Nazis In The Flash & DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow With Green Arrow & Supergirl

CW and DC TV Crisis On Earth X Parts 3 and 4 Spoilers follow.

Death, Marriage and the Shadow Of Earth X In The Flash and DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow With Green Arrow and Supergirl.

Following the surprise revelation about Earth X’s Prometheus during Crisis on Earth X Parts 1 and 2 in Supergirl and Arrow, plus the other surprise revelation involving Earth X’s Reverse Flash and unexpected reason for the Earth X attack, comes the Top 5 spoilers from the last 2 parts of this x-over CW DC TV event.

5. Death Returns To The Arrowverse.

Martin Stein, one half the Firestorm matrix with Jefferey “Jax” Jackson seemingly ends the Flash episode, Crisis on Earth X Part 3, nobly attempting to open a breach from Earth X to Earth 1.

However, he survives those gun shots at the beginning of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Crisis on Earth X part 4, and actually opens the breach so the heroes can leave Earth X.

Stein is wisked to the Waverider, but Gideon can’t stop him from dying. What is prolonging his death is his connection to Jax. If that bond remains Jax will die too.

Stein asks Jax to give him Cisco’s potion that will uncouple them so Stein can die and Jax can live.

A heartbroken Jax agrees to Stein’s request.

Sara Lance, the White Canary, pays her respects as…

…Jax tells Stein’s wife and daughter that he has passed away.

The episode’s end includes a touching…

… funeral for Professor Martin Stein.

4. Two More Deaths.

Overgirl, Earth X’s Supergirl explodes and succumbs to her condition.

Green Arrow kills Dark Arrow.

3. What Mask Will Thawne Wear Next?

The Flash also defeats Earth 1’s Eobard Thawne, the Reverse Flash or Zoom, but let’s hime go instead of killing him.

2. The Earth X Nazis’ Have Their Own Waverider.

Pretty cool seeing 2 Waveriders, but..

…the Nazi one is destroyed.

1. Two Weddings Instead Of One?

The Flash grabs John Diggle to Central City to marry himself, Barry Allen, and Iris West and…

…Felcity Smoak makes it a double wedding by asking Oliver Queen, the Green Arrow, to marry her.

0. Bonus.

Turns out the Ray of the Freedom Fighters on Earth X, Ray Terrill, is actually from Earth 1.

He’s in a relationship with Citizen Cold, Leonard “Leo” Snart from Earth X.

The Ray returns to Earth X and Citizen Cold promises to rejoin him after he stays on Earth 1 for a while.

The Freedom Fighters: the Ray’s CW Seed animated series should be debuting soon.

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