WWE Raw 12/4/17 Recap – The Shield vs. The Bar

Roman’s win over Elias is recapped and Kurt comes down to announce Roman’s opponent tonight. Jason Jordan comes out and says that he wants Roman and he just needs a chance – while Kurt begs him to stop making things the same as ever. Roman tells him to earn chances and Jordan calls him a hypocrite. Joe comes down and wants the shot and Jordan hits his explosive belly to belly to Roman. Jordan gets the shot and Joe sits on the ramp. Roman works on the knee and locks on a half crab . Jordan escapes and hits the rolling Northern lights suplexes, but eats a spear and that ends it. Joe and Roman brawl a bit.

Jordan wants a rematch next week and wants Joe tonight. Angle tells him to quit all the demands and Joe jumps Jordan. Absolution’s beating is shown and Paige comes out to face Sasha. They have a solid little match, with Alexa on commentary and Paige’s goons on the floor. Paige hits a big sunset bomb for 2. Sasha has the crossface on, but her goons help her and the Rampaige ends it. Elias plays backsage and calls Jordan Kurt’s bastard son. We get a wacky Kane-narrated video focusing on Braun. Enzo and the Zo Train are backstage and he tells his guys to do well tonight. Ali, Gulak, Cedric, and Nese are in the ring to complete silence. A tower of doom during the break also gets no reaction. Ali and Alexander hit a dual superkick on Nese and Cedric eats a Spanish fly off the top from Ali. Nese KOs Ali with the knee, but Cedric takes him out and lands another one on Ali before Drew steals the win. He talks about Powerpoint a bit more.

Elias plays mid-ring before Braun comes down and mangles him. Kane cuts a promo and is seemingly impressed by it all. Roman, Dean, and Seth are backstage and pals. Alicia comes out to be destroyed by Asuka. Asuka destroys her with kicks and taps her with the flying armbar. Why on Earth would you change the Asuka lock to that when you’ve got Rousey coming in with the same finish? Absolution beats up Alicia and Mandy hits a weird pump knee strike that is just terrible. Charlotte does some USA show and we get clips of it.

Balor comes down to face Bo Dallas and has a needlessly long match that he wins with the slingblade, shotgun dropkick, and coup de grace. Bray cuts a promo on Matt being dead and Matt cuts another promo saying HE HAS BEEN WOKEN AND HE SENTENCES BRAY TO DELETION! A giant delete chant breaks out and this was great – they’re making it more of a one-note deal, but it’s still better than mid-card Matt. Shield comes out and Cesaro dominates Seth for a while. Sheamus continues the work until Dean can tag in. Sheamus comes in and causes a DQ by kicking too much ass. Angle restarts the match as no DQ and the faces hit a big double team to get 2.5 before Joe comes in and causes mayhem until Roman makes a save. Sheamus kicks Dean and tosses Cesaro on him for the win.



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