DC Comics Rebirth Universe & Batman #37 Spoilers: Double Date & Role Reversals For Batman & Superman Plus Catwoman & Lois Lane!

DC Comics Rebirth Universe and Batman #37 Spoilers follow.

Double Date and Role Reversals For Batman and Superman Plus Catwoman and Lois Lane!

The much anticipated blin date between the respective World’s Finest couples will be at a fair which happens to have a super-hero night.

To attend, Batman and Superman switch costumes as do Catwoman and Lois Lane (the ladies both going as Catwoman).

The boys bond over batting practice; contrasting the two and their partners.

The girls do the same thing and provide the same interesting contrast with a flash produced by Lois Lane.

During the date, Lois Lane gets robbed by someone dressed as the Question acting a lot like Rorschach.

Batman’s throwing arm and Superman’s x-ray vision…

…the Question becomes a mark.

Batman still insists he could hit a real pitch by Superman and he knows a place he can show Supes. Bats insists on changing costumes back to normal.

Superman says Batman hitting his pitch his impossible, but Batman insists he can see more than Superman thinks.

Here’s the impossible…

…the end.

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