DC Comics Rebirth Universe & Action Comics #993 Spoilers: Superman & Booster Gold See That TIME IS BROKEN!

DC Comics Rebirth Universe and Action Comics #993 Spoilers follow.

Superman and Booster Gold See That TIME IS BROKEN!

Superman has traveled back in time, using the Flash’s cosmic treadmill, to see if Mr. Oz was telling the truth and that he was in fact his dad Jor-El snatched away (presumably by the Watchmen’s Doctor Manhattan) at the point of Krypton’s explosion.

Superman sees his destination, but gets pulled into a chronal storm…

…appearing to travel to another timeline or hypertime reality?

A new past reality where Zod and Jor-El were allies not enemies?

Booster Gold finally finds Superman, but…

…they’ve been found realizing that…

…Superman is powerless under Krypton’s red sun!

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