WWE Monday Night Raw 12/25/17 Recap – Cena Returns for Christmas

John Cena runs down to the ring and gives his shirt to a special needs fan in the crowd. Well, that was an awesome little gesture. He gets a Merry Christmas chant going before Elias comes down. Elias sings horribly about Christmas before laying out Cena. He lays over him ominously and looks like a star doing it. Cena faces Elias, who gets a good showing here – including turning an electric chair drop into a Liger bomb for 2. Cena hits his usual comeback and ends it with an AA. We see Joe demolish Dean and take him out, leading to Kurt talking to Seth and Jordan about having to get along now as they face The Bar.

Brian Kendrick and Jack Gallagher get interviewed by Charly to dead silence about Hideo Itami. Kendrick says that Itami could be just another fad, and he’ll find out tonight. Itami destroys him in short order and wins convincingly with the GTS. The womens Royal Rumble announcement is recapped and oh yeah, there are feuds there too. The Miztourage wishes Mickie, Bayley, and Sasha a happy Mizmas before singing. Absolution comes down to face these three goofballs. The faces run wild for a long time before Paige gets saved from defeat by her goons. A Rampaige ends it for Paige, who is having quite the run since her return.

Joe cuts an intense promo on Roman about destroying him and making sure that his visions of sugar plum fairies will become a nightmare as he takes his crown. Kane destroys Heath Slater quickly, but Rhyno slugs it out with Kane. Rhyno actually gets over huge here just not looking like a jobber – but a chokeslam ends his night. Curt Hawkins talks about his losing streak, which extends thanks to Finn Balor making short work of him. WWE brags about their own Youtube channel and also thanks the Bellas for getting one million subscribers. Bo and Axel try to cheer up Goldust, who is apparently a babyface again as they bury him for being a loser. Bo and Axel are shockingly good at singing and also shilling DVDs. They give him a DVD before Titus Worldwide with Dana come down and get re-gifted the DVD. This was amusing.

Bray Wyatt says a lot of words that are not amusing. Woken Matt goes for a Twist to start things off, but Bray escapes and gets a “Delete!” chant. Sheamus gives Cesaro a busted-up Dean Ambrose figure, while Cesaro gives him a Seth figure to break and a Jason Jordan figure so they can bury him too. Cesaro doing all of this with a mouthguard helped no one. Enzo comes down with Drew and Daivari in elf gear as they face Cedric, Ali, and Tozawa in a wacky Christmas street fight. Cedric wins in convincing fashion destorying everyone and terrifying Enzo with a kendo stick before pinning Daivari with a lumbar check. Enzo and Nia go to kiss under the mistletoe, but get interrupted by Alexa telling her to get ready for the women’s Rumble.

Roman is intense on the mic and promises destruction. Joe comes down to battle and Roman gets more boos. They have a short, intense match with Joe getting the choke, but Roman hitting him with the steps for a DQ before a schmoz. The Miztourage sings and Braun destroys them in a handicap match. Alexa cuts a promo on Asuka, who lays her out with a big kick. Jordan and Seth face The Bar. Jordan gets a few great chances to shine against Sheamus, and tosses him around a lot. Cesaro gets a blind tag and locks on a sharpshooter. Jordan hits the pop-up neckbreaker and wins it – so Raw gets mis-matched tag champions again!


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