DC Comics Rebirth Universe, Dark Nights Metal & Hawkman Found #1 Spoilers: What Happened To Carter Hall & What Is He Now?

DC Comics Rebirth Universe, Dark Nights Metal and Hawkman Found #1 Spoilers follow.

What Happened To Carter Hall and What Is He Now?

We open with Carter Hall dreaming of his days as a Hawkman.

However, he is the Dark Multiverse in a cave.

Getting ready to battle threats as…

…his previous lives look on quietly.

Is this all a fever dream? Dark Multiverse reality? Something else?

Carter Hall escapes and gets aboard an alien ship; presumably a Thangarian alien space ship.

It sure looks like DC Comics is looking to reconcile the classic Golden Age Carter Hall Hawkman…

…with the Silver Age alien cop Katar Hol Hawkman.

Carter Hall boards the ship and it feels familiar and wrong at the same time. The same feeling he had amongst the “others” he left in the cave.

He is attacked by a dark Hawkman.

I had hoped this was the DC Rebirth version of Deron Ved aka Darkwing…

…however this is just a warped version of Carter Hall himself. He’s fighting himself for control of himself.

We then get a bit of history listen as the battle for self continues. Hawkman went to Challengers Mountain to respond to a distress signal from the Challengers of Unknown, but…

…he was transported to the Dark Multiverse instead.

Carter Hall now feels his destiny is to protect to the Forge that…

…we learned more about in Dark Nights Metal #4 as well as how it all fits into DC’s cosmology, multiverse, etc. per the below.

To get caught up, full Dark Nights Metal #4 spoilers here.

Well, Carter Hall defeats his darker self and…

…becomes a new Hawkman whose costumes marries the Golden Age sensibilities with the Silver Age sci-fi sensibilities…

…only to be gutted and brought down to be protector of the Forge again as…

…a Hawkgod or Hawk avatar! He appeared at the end of Dark Nights Metal #4 per the below.

Is Carter Hall in control or not? We may learn more in 2018’s Dark Nights Metal #5!

Fun times ahead.

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