DC Comics Rebirth Universe & Teen Titans #15 Spoilers: Super Sons Of Tomorrow Part 3 With Tim Drake Batman, Conner Kent Superman & The Titans Of Tomorrow! TIME IS BROKEN!

DC Comics Rebirth Universe and Teen Titans #15 Spoilers for Super Sons Of Tomorrow Part 3 follows!

Tim Drake Batman, Conner Kent Superman, Cassie Sandsmark Wonder Woman, Bart Allen the Flash; The Titans Of Tomorrow Are Here! TIME IS BROKEN!

Super Sons of Tomorrow event checklist below!

Getting caught up:

    • Super Sons of Tomorrow Part 1 in Superman #37 (full spoilers here).
    • Super Sons of Tomorrow Part 21 in Super Sons #11 (full spoilers here).
    • All the DC Rebirth instances showing that Time Is Broken is here.

The adult Time Drake, the Batman of the future, has come to the past to kill Superboy Jon Kent as his solar burst powers cause destruction and death in the future. He prods Jon so that a burst happens and the Teen Titans are dispatched as is adult Tim Drake. They’re all alive, but disoriented. Tim Drake decides to scavenge Titans Tower for a new costume. So, that is not an adult Damian Wayne, but a new costume for adult Tim Drake with a nom de guerre; not Red Robin or Batman, but Savior?

Damian Wayne Robin escapes with Superboy Jon Kent and assures him the Teen Titans are alive.

In the future, the Titans Tomorrow are looking for adult Tim Drake, but lost him.

We learn that Tim Drake is obsesses with the past and is being pulled to various points in the past somehow.

In the present, the adult Tim Drake tries to convince the Teen Titans, left behind by Damian and Jon, to help him kill Jon and Damian if needed to eradicate the Superboy threat.

They agree to capture not kill while the Teen Titans still don’t trust the adult Tim Drake.

It seems the Titans of Tomorrow have found Tim and are trying to pull him back to the future.

They get his arm while…

…Titans Towers flickers between various points in the past to the present.

The Teen Titans have let Tim Drake Batman slip and Aqualad has found Damian Wayne Robin and Jon Kent Superboy with the help of the sea!

Next week Super Sons of Tomorrow Part 4 in Superman #38.

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