Marvel Comics Legacy & Spider-Men II #5 Spoilers: End Of An Era For Brian Michael Bendis’ Miles Morales Spider-Man! Plus Peter Parker & A New Ultimate Universe?

Marvel Comics Legacy and Spider-Men II #5 Spoilers follow.

This has a mixed bag mini-series building on the first Spider-Men mini-series and exploring the 616 Universe’s Miles Morales and contrasting him with the Ultimate Universe’s Miles Morales; a dead universe after the latest Secret Wars with Miles Morales now on the main “616” Marvel Earth.

For more on bringing clarity to the convoluted origin of Miles Morales’ Marvel origins check out these spoilers.

The Miles Morales that originated on the 616 Earth is still alive and older than the Ultimate Miles. He is also tied to the Kingpin and organized crime.

That Miles Morales had his wife die and wants to travel to another Earth for a second chance with another version of his wife. He walks through a portal of some kind to that end as his hired help, the Taskmaster, works over the Peter Parker Amazing Spider-Man and Miles Morales adjectiveless Spider-Man.

Looks like he’s successful and landed on an alternate Earth.

Meets his wife’s doppelgänger and strikes up a conversation and perhaps a romance, but the bar she owns or works at is collateral damage during a super-hero fight involving…

…the Ultimates? With an Ultimate Peter Parker as Spider-Man and Riri Williams as the Ultimates resident Iron Man. Interesting. Is the Ultimate Universe back and alive? Or is this an alternate Earth with features resembling the dead Ultimate Universe?

We may never know, or not know for a while, as writer Brian Michael Bendis is now a DC Comics exclusive writer.

End Of An Era For Brian Michael Bendis’ Miles Morales Spider-Man! Plus Peter Parker and A New Ultimate Universe?

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