Raw 1/1/18 Recap – Joe battles Roman for the IC Title

Samoa Joe vs. Roman Reigns is hyped up as is Asuka vs. Bliss as “a match that could main event WrestleMania!”. Yeah maybe not. Alexa mocks Kurt for making this match because she was attacked last week and now Asuka is being rewarded for bad behavior. Well, that’s valid. Kurt talks about the women’s rumble having 30 women in it and then The Bar comes down and buries Kurt for putting Jason Jordan in the tag title match. Kurt hugged him in a .com exclusive, which they should’ve shown before the promo instead of during it. Jordan threatens Cesaro and does look good with the red and silver belt and Kurt makes them have a match. Cesaro faces him, but loses after attacking the damaged knee for a long time. Seth makes a save to prevent Sheamus from interfering and Jordan wins with the pop-up neckbreaker.

Roman talks to Renee about facing and beating Joe tonight. Bray beats Crews in an overly-long and dead match. He debuted a new dangling jawbreaker and beats him with Sister Abigail. Woken Matt appears in a silly video with his face in a billion segments on the tron. Nia comes into the building with some soup and Alexa wants her to help her, but Nia has to leave due to Enzo having the flu. So instead of texting her friend, she brings cold soup to the building to then bring it to the hospital. As ya do. Alexa faces Asuka and wisely works on the mat a lot – but loses many striking exchanges and taps to the flying armbar. Joe vs. Roman from last week is recapped.

Joe cuts an intense promo on the Shield being gone thanks to him and turning Dean into a stay at home husband while also making Roman desperate to retain his title in any manner possible. He’s made Roman run out of options and friends and he’ll find out that this is his yard, but he lives in Joe’s world. So yeah, Joe’s great. Bayley announces that she’ll be in the rumble and Rhyno comes out to get destroyed by Braun. Rhyno was over, but was mangled by Braun as was Slater. Roman and Seth chat about hoping Dean watches and says that Joe can’t mess with their brotherhood. Jordan comes in and lets Roman know that he’ll make sure the Bar doesn’t get involved before somewhat acting like he wants to be in the Shield.

Kane meets with Braun and says he just wants to talk. He says he’s never faced Brock, but Braun has and they’re the alpha monsters who can beat Brock. He wants to join forces, but Braun isn’t down with the that and he breathes heavily. Balor joins up with The Club tonight. Joe coems down to a huge “Joe!” chant and Joe works him down on the mat with a lot of arm work. This fets into him taking Dean out, so taking out Roman should work too. Joe beats him up on the steps while a kid yells at him to stop it – so some traditions never die. Roman gets some offense and goes to use the steps, but the ref warns him. Superman punch hits Joe for 2.5 and Joe shoves him into the ref and hits a bit uranage for 2. Joe gets the choke, but Roman escapes and spears him to win! This was outstanding!

Heyman talks to Kurt about Brock being proactive and not reactive in 2018. Drew Gulak and Ariya Daivari come out to silence and deliver an Enzo promo for him. Drew’s “how are you doing?” is fantastic and Cedric comes down and joins forces with Goldust here. Goldust is now apparently a cruiserweight and gets more over than any of that roster by doing a blind crossbody block onto them . Uppercut into a lumbar check wins it. Elias sings and gets interrupted by Miz’s goons who team with him against the Balor Club. Magic Killer sets up the double footstomp and ends it. Brock is out and Kane chokeslams him twice before the geeks come down and separate them. Well, that certainly ate up a lot of time to fill two seconds in a future video package.

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