DC Comics Universe & Deathstroke #27 Spoilers: Teen Titans Judas Contract Retconned!

DC Comics Universe and Deathstroke #27 Spoilers follow.

Teen Titans Judas Contract Retconned!

This is my first post here at the Nexus so thanks for reading.

First a quick recap , One of the most controversial aspects of the famous Teen Titans Judas Contract story is the relationship between Deathstroke and Terra. Future comics frequently showed her in bed with Slade or scantily clad. But writer Christopher Priest has effectively changed it.


So what is that change? In DC Rebirth, Slade Wilson does not reciprocate Terra’s feelings and only as a last attempt to save his life does he lie about having feelings for her.

Also This is a pretty neat origin of Terra the princess.

Yes, Slade is still in the wrong side of this, he is still a monster, but somehow this seems to make him somewhat less of what he was. After all, He has still crossed a line as ally Wintergreen remarks.

To me this feels as a very good move by effectively changing the controversial aspect but showcasing how Deathstroke has still crossed a line.

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