Impact Wrestling 1/4/18 – LAX vs. OVE for the Tag Titles

Dan Lambert comes to the building with ATT, including a member on crutches covered in bandages before telling them he doesn’t need help to beat Storm. We see Konnan take a fireball and Ishimori comes out to face Trevor Lee for the X Title. Lee bails the second Ishimori gets offense, but Lee gets an edge with an apron PK. Lee goes for a gutwrench, but Ishimori evades and attacks Konley. Ishimori hits a back handspring that Lee turns into a fallaway slam moonsault that Scott Steiner did in the early ’90s and that Jeff Cobb does now. Ishimori recovers from that and lands a handspring kick. Lee gets 2 off a Liger bomb and Ishimori hits a Destino for 2.5 before landing a flapjack codebreaker and a 450 gets him the win and the title.

Alberto talks about kicking ass at Wrestle Pro. Dezmond tells Ishimori that he beat him before. Konnan cuts an intense promo about wanting to stab someone and breaks a beer bottle. LAX vs. OVE is hyped up and Storm cuts an intense promo about how much he’s given to pro wrestling. Everything he’s had in his life is due to pro wrestling and due to Impact Wrestling. Fallah Bahh comes out to face Matt Sydal and EC3 for the Grand Title. Bahh steamrolls guys in round 1 and just crushes Sydal in the process. Sydal dives onto Bahh on the floor. EC3 busts out a capture suplex on Sydal and hits a stinger splash. Sydal recovers and hits the SSP right as the bell rings. EC3 retains by points.

We get a wacky Johnny Impact video package focusing on flashy moves and his Boone movie shirt. Allie cuts a hyped up promo about being the number one contender for the knockouts title. LVN jumps her and tosses her at a metal box. Dan Lambert comes out first, followed by Storm. Alex Corbesaro hits the ring and attacks Storm so Dan can get 2. ATT runs in and beats the daylights out of Storm until he hits a Last Call on the crippled guy. Storm takes out ATT and KM knocks Storm out with a beer bottle for 2.5. Storm eats two beer bottles and Dan gets the pin. Storm hugs the workers backstage and leaves.

We get a GWN ad for the history of Joseph Park and then we see him face Bully Ray and beat him. Chandler Park comes out to face John Bolin. Chandler wins after a schoolboy when Joseph punches John for insulting Grandma Jenny. Sydal wants to fire the judges and wants a regular match for EC3’s title. We get some really blurry interview footage from Alberto talking about Eli Drake. Alberto faces Eli at Wrestle Pro. We get a long walk and brawl before Eli hits him with the belt and retains. LAX and OVE brawl around ringside before their match. Satana eats a corkscrew DDT from Dave Crist for 2. Ortiz lands a DVD on Dave and Santana goes for a dive but eats a mid-air cutter from the opposite rope that only gets 2 thanks to a save. Street Sweeper hits Jake and ends it. LAX wins the titles again and gets a revamped look with black jerseys too.

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