Marvel Comics Legacy & Phoenix Resurrection The Return Of (Adult) Jean Grey #2 Spoilers: Magneto Arrives, But Is He X-Men Friend Or Foe?

Marvel Comics Legacy and Phoenix Resurrection The Return Of (Adult) Jean Grey #2 Spoilers follow.

This second issue of the five issue mini-series has at least five covers including variant covers.

Phoenix Resurrection The Return Of (Adult) Jean Grey #2 opens with the usual story catch up and creators’ credits page.

The Phoenix event that we saw last week in the sky can actually be seen from space.

We then dive into adult Jean Grey. We don’t know where she is, but she has her powers unknowingly.

She has a normal life in the suburbs and hurries to work saying hi to her neighbour Jamie Madrox, the Multiple Man, also dead in the “real world” the same as the adult Scott Summers we saw last week (full spoilers here).

Jean heads to her work at the diner where she serves Erik as in Magneto! He knows where she is.

Also, the cook at the diner appears to be John Proudstar, the Thunderbird, who is also dead in real world.

Back in Marvel Legacy land Cable is using Cerebro to find Jean Grey and/or the Phoenix and…

…is overwhelmed by pain. Now all the X-Men psychics are down.

Kitty Pryde sends the X-Men on their missions…

…across the globe while…

…one team is in Arizona and encounters Magneto!

Magneto orders a coffee during battle signalling he is in the real world at the same time…

…as he’s with the adult Jean Grey as…

…her Phoenix powers intensify!

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