The Column: DC Comics Universe Talk On Flash War With Barry Allen Vs. Wally West!

The Column: DC Comics Universe Talk On Flash War

DC Comics Universe Spoilers Follow

“Flash War Looming”

Welcome to my weekly column for which I have yet to decide on a name. For now, let us call it The Column. This is will be a column for Fridays, but I’ve done an extra column for this weekend. Let me know what you think.

So, Flash War is the next Big Thing in the DC Universe which is fast approaching. It starts with a prelude in the January issue of Flash Annual #1.

Before that, let us have a little recap on both of DC’s current the Flashes.

Who’s Who?

Barry Allen, the second Flash who arguably started the silver age is the more popular Flash with various appearances including the CW Flash and Justice League. Barry Allen had a protégé, Wally west who trained with him as Kid Flash. After Barry died, Wally West became the Flash and was the main speedster for about 20 years before Barry returned. After Flash Rebirth in 2009, Barry became the main Flash again leading to Wally even being erased after Flashpoint. Wally came back during DC rebirth and eventually moved on to the Titans possibly leaving his entire life behind with Linda Park, his wife and Iris West, his aunt not knowing him.

After the Titans are on hiatus, Wally decides to go back to his home of keystone City and that kickstarts Flash War.

Why Wally west should be the Main Speedster?

Well, Wally has been the main speedster and has been part of the justice league multiple times. He has shown to be much faster than Barry and has shown superior understanding of the speed force. He was the Flash who found the speed force and the only one to have escaped from the speed force , a feat which even Barry has not done.

Why Barry Allen should be the main speedster?

Barry Allen is more popular than ever right now; It can be said he has made the Flash name more famous than it ever was. Barry is the mentor and the one who taught Wally itself. Barry also has a lot of experience which serves him well. Barry also has a compelling  advantage that he has been the main Flash for at least a decade.

Who is my vote for?

When I was introduced to comics, Barry was the main Flash and Wally was relegated to a side character. But I want Wally West to win, Why? Well, wally should win in order for Barry to Win. A mentor gets his true success when the protégé passes him. If Wally after all this time still loses, That means Barry Allen has in some way failed as a mentor.

My vote is for Wally and he deserves the respect which he has lost for no reason of his own.

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