WWE Raw 1/8/18 Recap – The Balor Club Main Events

Raw starts off with an intense recap of Reigns vs. Joe from last week. Roman comes down to talk about the win and says he was fueled by the fact that he was fighting Joe on behalf of his brother Dean Ambrose. He says that if you mess with any member of the Shield, you mess with all of them. Cue Jordan coming out in a perfectly-timed bit. He is annoying, but Seth reigns him in a bit until Balor, Anderson, and Gallows comes out as the Balor Club and are seemingly heels now. They mock Jordan for being Kurt’s kid and they talk about how The Club won the Raw Tag Titles and Balor won the Universal Title and was the inaugural champion. Kurt makes the Balor Club vs. Not The Shield in a six man tag.

Mickie, Sasha, and Bayley are out with Sasha and Bayley in the ring to face Sonya and Mandy. They proceed to have a terrible match. Mandy and Sonya are way too green. Mandy taps to the bank statement. Goldust tries to act as Cedric’s Mickey tonight and tells him to crap thunder before realizing that seems uncomfortable. Goldust is paired with Alicia for Mixed Match Challenge. Woken Matt comes out with a new theme that starts with his laughing, some piano and generic rock while the regular Hardys tron is on. Woken Matt squashes Curt Hawkins – it’s great to see Matt in the role of a guy destroying a jobber instead of just being one. Bray comes down and they share a chuckle.

Elias sings and we get a Miz TV with Bo revealing that he slept with a photo of Miz. He says he wants the IC Title back and we get the Balor Club talking about Tama Tonga and Back Luck Fale. Well, that was odd. Enzo comes out to face Cedric and eats the neuralizer kick for 2. Enzo’s right eyebrow gets sliced open big-time on that and he hits a pop-up kick on the apron. Cedric hits the springboard lariat and then hits a flip dive on Enzo, who crumples and his leg goes under him in a bad way. Enzo loses via countout and we get Nia being a terrible actor iwth him backstage. Kurt talks to a random woman about being in the Rumble. The Bar tells Kurt that they are the bar and we see Miz demand an IC Title shot and then meet up with Asuka for the mixed match challenge show.

The Bar faces Titus Worldwide and TW ACTUALLY WINS WITH A SCHOOLBOY. Heyman comes out with Brock and hypes him up before a brawl erupts with Kane. Braun throws Brock into metal boxes and throws a big box onto Kane.Braun gets a grappling hook and pulls down a giant metal set that is backstage because why not onto them. Joe squashes Rhyno in an Impact special. Alexa stirs the pot up with Asuka and Nia doesn’t buy it. Asuka comes down and Nia destroys her. The Balor Club beats Not the Shield when Jordan prevents Seth from attacking, but also avoids a Balor shotgun kick. Seth eats the kick and loses to the double footstomp before Miz and the goons attack Roman and lay him out before he faces him at the 25th anniversary Raw show.

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