Impact Wrestling 1/11/18 Recap – KM and Lashley face Eddie Edwards and Moose

Ishimori vs. Lee is recapped in the show-opening video alongside highlights from the LAX-OVE match and the end of James Storm’s career in Impact thanks to KM. Dan Lambert and Lashley are out to brag about taking out Storm. Dan says that KM is the newest member of ATT and he looks like a discount rack version of Razor Ramon. Moose comes out to defend Storm, but he’s got the odds against him and that fails. Eddie Edwards makes a save and the heels bail when they still have an .edge – I love it. A main event tag match is set up for tonight. EC3 brags about being Grand Champion and issues a non-title open challenge. Petey Williams accepts and EC3 jumps him.

Petey gets the tree of woe “Oh Canada” ball stomp before EC3 slugs him and takes him down. Petey gets the La Mistica legsweep and throws him out, but a dive misses. Matt Sydal runs in and jumps EC3. Well, that’s a bit of a dick move. Allie cuts a promo on LVN and says that she isn’t weak and she’ll win the title. Sydal cuts a promo on EC3 about hiding behind the title’s rules and he wants a shot without the rules. Storm’s title win is shown as the GWN plug – why not do this BEFORE THE GUY LEAVES!? LVN is out to face KC Spinelli and jumps her before hitting a corner curb stomp. KC gets a bridging suplex, but puts her in a position where her shoulders aren’t touching. LVN hits an unprettier to end it. Allie and LVN have a very sloppy brawl.

Chris Adonis and Eli Drake come out for a championship address before Alberto comes down and challenges him to a match in Detroit. Johnny comes down for the usual Raw bit of everyone coming down and calmy talking back and forth. Eli will face against Johnny and Alberto next week. Raven’s shearing at the hands of Jim Mitchell is shown. ATT brags about taking out Storm and Jospeh Park tells Chandler to cool it. Jimmy Jacobs comes in and insults Joseph Park for being a lawyer in a cheap suit. He scares them away with Kongo Kong. Please God no. OVE goes to the LAX compound and destroys it.

Hakim Zane comes down to team with the Cult of Lee to face Sonjay Dutt, Garza Jr, and Dezmond Xavier. Dezmond hits a ton of fast stuff to Zane. We go to a break and come back with Lee and Dutt going at it. Dutt is beaten down and he gets a tag to Garza Jr. He takes Zane down before tagging Xavier in, who wins with a spiral tap. Ishimori comes down and we’re told that he will face Xavier next week. Lashley and KM come down with the rest of ATT to face Moose and Eddie Edwards. We get a quick match with Moose and KM dominating things. KM really does get a chance to shine here like he never has and wins with the powerbomb backstabber before clips air hyping up next week’s barb wire warfare between LAX and OVE.


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