Pull List Roundtable 1/17/2018: Damage #1, Sheena #5, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #23, Venom Inc. Omega #1 & More

Matt Graham

Batwoman #11 – Marguerite Bennett isn’t writing this one, but she’s back next issue. A New Year’s tale with Professor Pyg by Superwoman writer Perkins. Pyg squicks me out and I’ve been debating dropping Batwoman because as much as I love Kate Kane’s heroics and Bennett’s writing the last 10 issues haven’t been hitting what I enjoy about Batwoman in prior volumes. May be a good time to jump off, but it sucks that books I want to read (Batwoman, Wonder Woman, Suicide Squad) are middling even when I have Batman, Deathstroke, and Mister Miracle.

Red Sonja #12 – Sonja’s been in Modern America for much of volume four, but this issue sees her back in the swords and sorcery world she thrives in. Amy Chu’s given us the adventure only glimpsed when Conan came to NYC in an 80s What If…? issue, and she’s given Sonja some interesting developments through it all. I have a feeling the run winds down at #16, and even if Chu doesn’t return to Sonja, she’s pushing forward into Mars with Dejah Thoris, writing a prequel to Edgar Rice Burroughs’ A Princess of Mars.

The zero issue dropped last week for FREE on Comixology, a quarter at your brick and mortar, so what are you waiting for?

Sheena #5 – Sheena must get the mercenaries she’s been fighting to team up against the supernatural face stealers they awoke in a forbidden temple. Even if Batwoman isn’t my favourite, Bennett is still one of my favourite current writers for Animosity and her own Dynamite output. The former Red Sonja scribe has been handling the new Sheena book with Christina Trujillo, and it is everything i want out of a pulp adventure book. This issue sees Moritat’s final art duties (Maria Sanapo step ins after), and I expect the action sequences to rival the silver screen.

Comic trivia: Sheena, Queen of the Jungle preceded Wonder Woman in being the first female character with her own title. Much as Raiders of the Lost Ark was a wonderful homage to pulp hero adventure serials, the new Sheena comic knows it’s jungle girl adventure roots, and uses them to perfect the genre for a modern audience.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #23
All-New Wolverine #29
X-Men Gold #20

James Fulton

Days of Hate #1 – I gave up on Ales Kot after Wolves, but then I saw that he’s pairing with Danijel Zezelj, one of my favourite artists, for this new book, and I couldn’t resist. To be honest, I’ve regretted not getting Generation Gone, so I have high hopes for this.

Justice League #37 – I love what Priest is doing with the League.

Kill or Be Killed #15 – Brubaker and Phillips are doing some of their best work with this title, and that’s saying a lot.

Also looking forward to new issues of Batman, Super Sons, Copperhead, Mage, Rumble, and Star Wars.

John Babos

Only 5 books this week.

Damage #1
Nightwing #37
Super Sons #12
Superman #39
Trinity #17

Mike Maillaro

THE SPIRIT: THE CORPSE-MAKERS #5 – Yikes this issue was ridiculously late. I really like Dynamite’s SPIRIT books, but I always hate when a mini-series has a massive delay. Just seems like bad business, get the mini-series done before you solicit it. Hopefully this isn’t the last we see of SPIRIT in Dynamite…but next time, I hope it comes out in a reasonable time frame.

AVENGERS #676 – I really enjoyed the first part of NO SURRENDER. The preview of this issue showed how Avengers history had been rewritten to accommodate the presence of Voyager. If nothing else, I loved seeing Pepe Larraz drawing on the style of old Avengers artists.

DAMAGE #1 – The first of the “new generation of DC.” Shame he doesn’t seem to have any connection to Damage from the 90’s. I liked that character especially as part of the Titans and JSA. This new Damage is a completely different character, and is part of DC’s post-Metal world. Real curious about this one.

WWE #13 – I may be the only person in the world who cares about this, but I am still pissed that they replaced Ryback in issue 12 with generic dreadlocked wrestler for the Shield’s debut. LAME! By the way, you can listen to Ryback’s podcast Conversation with the Big Guy every Monday with Phoenix Marie and Asian Joe. This is a cheap plug because I work on the podcast as a writer/researcher.

VENOM INC OMEGA #1 – I’ve been enjoying this crossover far more than I expected to. Fun to see a crime family using symbiotes. I am curious where Eddie Brock, Maniac, and Flash Thompson go from here. I am genuinely surprised that I care so much.

GENERATION X #86 – Nice to see the original team reunited…basically just before they are ending this series. I personally think if they had more of an emphasis on those characters throughout the early issues this series would still be around. Bring back Skin, Synch, and Mondo!

Brilliant Trash #3
Jimmy’s Bastards #6
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #23
Batman #39
Batman Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II #3 (Of 6)
Future Quest Presents #6
Green Lanterns #39
Justice League #37
Nightwing #37
Super Sons #12
Superman #39
Wonder Woman Conan #5 (Of 6)
Mage The Hero Denied #5 (Of 15)
All-New Wolverine #29
America #11
Champions #16
Doctor Strange #384
Mighty Thor #703
Monsters Unleashed #10
Spirits Of Vengeance #4 (Of 5)