The Column: Marvel Comics Universe Talk On The Defenders

“Street War”

Welcome to the column where we basically talk about anything that strikes my mind.

This week I wanted to talk about one of Marvels recent teams The Defenders.

Classic Marvel fans might remember a different lineup which dealt with cosmic threats, but this is more based on the Netflix series than that. The roster contains Luke Cage , Jessica Jones, Iron Fist and Daredevil.

After being part of the hit series, they were consequently brought into the world of Marvel officially by the creative team of Bendis and Marquez.

Why did they form?

DIAMONDBACK IS BACK , and leads to a very personal battle for Luke as he makes a play for being the new kingpin of new York by filling in the void left by Wilson Fisk , He systematically targets all the Defenders respectively and indirectly causes them to team up officially. The reason why they actually work is most of them have already worked together for years but we still get a fresh new entertaining banter which is the real strength of this book along with the drop dead gorgeous art.

How do they work?

Daredevil is the de facto leader of this team whereas Iron Fist is the master martial artist and the one who gets them to laugh when things get serious. Luke Cage is the focal point of this battle as he has a very personal connection with the villain. Jessica Jones is the heart of the team and the resident badass who keeps them in check.

Why should you check it out?

First off, It has really beautiful art and the panels are really layered in a great way. It has really great characters who work really well together as a team and has a solid plot which is filled with twists every-time. Also the crazy guest stars from Deadpool to Punisher all serve as a great distraction while moving the plot forward.The writing is really great and it ranks as one of the better marvel series right now and really sad to see it end.

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