DC Comics Universe & Nightwing #37 Spoilers: Batman & Robin Year One! Battling The Judge In Blüdhaven? Retcon!

DC Comics Universe and Nightwing #37 Spoilers follow.

Batman and Robin Year One! Battling The Judge In Blüdhaven? Retcon!

The book opens with Nightwing retelling a story from his past with a local Casino owner.

A young Robin, a month into the role, wanted to impress Batman so much that he wanted to capture their current big bad The Judge almost on his own in Blüdhaven not the typical Gotham City.

They meet up with Blüdhaven’s then top heroine Baby Ruthless who…

…helps Batman and Robin figure out where The Judge will strike next!

The Judge hates casinos so he’s after the new mega Casino that is planned to be built.

He boards the ship and uses his persuasion powers to entice the ship Captain to dump her toxic waste on the site of the Casino making the land uninhabitable for generations.

As Batman and Baby Ruthless plan to board the ship, Robin impulsively gets their first and…

…allows The Judge to escape in the heat of battle.

Robin learned for that mistake and his impulsiveness and his need to please subsided as he became a hero in his own right. The Casino owner in modern day Blüdhaven is the woman behind the Baby Ruthless mask for years gone by and…

…we see the power of The Judge is still strong in modern days as…

…as son is about to kill his father?!

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