The Column: Marvel Comics Universe Talk On The Wedding Of The Century Between Kitty Pryde & Colossus In X-Men Gold!

“Wedding of the century”

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Before we start this week, I wanted to bring to mind a cryptic Marvel teaser asking us to save the date June 20, 2018. It was supposed to be a wedding of the century and featured the various prominent Marvel weddings . Inexplicably, they left out Mary Jane and Peter Parker and like many others, I am sure, I hoped it was a sign that it was the rekindling of their romance. While they might yet have their moment in the sun, this date belongs to a beloved X couple.

Who are the Lucky couple?


That’s right, this long time on off couple has decided to tie the knot. Kitty Pryde is the phasing mutant superstar who also went by Shadowcat and Colossus , the guy who appeared in the Deadpool film, is the steel bodied mutant. Both of them met each other very early in their lives and Kitty immediately had a crush on young Piotr. Having the unique ability to actually age in the world of comics, Kitty and Colossus after having spent two decades denying the relationship finally got together in the astonishing x men run by Joss Whedon. Like any other couple they broke up after some time after colossus died, and after he came back and there was even a period when kitty was presumed dead. One AvX tie in clearly established the end of their relationship with Kitty even going on to date star lord and iceman . Heck, she was even engaged to Star Lord for a while.

Why now?

Well, over the years , they had gotten their friendship back in order but with kitty in space, there was not really  enough interactions between them. But all that changed when kitty came back to earth permanently. Kitty Pryde became the leader of the X-Men Gold team and one of the team members was Colossus. Over the course of various issues, both of them show various stages of reconciliation and when they leave for Washington, Piotr finally her to marry him. Kitty asks for some time to think. After becoming embroiled in a negative zone war where Piotr nearly dies again leading Kitty to gain some clarity and she finally asks him to marry her. Marvel has confirmed that they will soon marry and have touted it as the wedding of the century.

My opinion?

Well, I kinda like it. It has been an amazing development to see these characters fall in love and gradually move on to the next stage without getting stuck in a phase. The Marvel Universe has not really had a prominent wedding in a while , some which have undergone horrendous fates. This has the potential to change that. Kitty and Colossus have always been full of drama and when they get married , it is sure to increase .

So here’s to the happy couple.

They will be married in X-Men Gold #30 by Marc Guggenheim and Paolo Siqueira.

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